Democrat Desperation 101: When Fauci Went Door to Door in DC

During the 2021 Juneteenth holiday in Washington, D.C., mainstream media obediently followed leftist Democrat Mayor Murial Bowser and Anthony Fauci knocking on doors to promote Covid-19 bioweapon jabs.

They selected D.C.’s majority-Black Ward 8, thinking the citizens were the most gullible — afterall, this was the poorest segment of the city.

Fauci, Bowser and the media primarily only fooled themselves.

Take a quick look at this video:

One of the first doors Fauci and Bowser knocked on was at the home of 82-year-old Gertrude Harrison.

“Have you gotten your shot?” Bowser asked Harrison, who informed them she was hesitant to take the unproven shot.

“You know it does other things!” Harrison informed.

“I don’t like needles either,” Fauci responded before the cameras. “I didn’t even feel it. . . . You know what’s worse than the needle? COVID.”

“We don’t want COVID to get ahold of you,” Bowser added. “We don’t want to see you in a hospital.”

Bowser connected Harrison with Patrick Ashley, a leader in the city’s health department, and the mayor seemed optimistic that Ashley might be able to convince Harrison to get jabbed, the Post reported.

“But a minute after the mayor left her home, Harrison said to a relative: ‘Oh no. I ain’t getting no shot,’” the Washington Post reported.

Fauci and Bowser had a few takers who said they would get the “vaccine,” in exchange for a $51 gift card.

Tanya Crawford, who said she has no interest in the vaccine, found Bowser’s presence irritating.

“When the mayor and her staff walked past, Crawford left the Juneteenth feast she was cooking in her kitchen to shout at them from her porch,” the Post reported.

“She has no presence,” Crawford shouted as Fauci and the mayor walked by with their entourage.

“We never see and hear from her,” Crawford said. “Now you want to come in the neighborhood, in the hood, and say we gotta get vaccinated?”

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  1. here is something that might humor or appall you, while driving and stopped at a light the little car in front of me had 2 stickers on her car one said we were all immigrants at one time and the other one said we love fauci, i laughed in disgust, don’t know about you but i nor my parents were never immigrants, now my grand parents were, they came here from eastern Europe, went thru Ellis Island, learned our language and became good USA citizens, i guess that is just to hard to do… GODSPEED

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  2. Had no idea this activity took place…the highest paid government employee knocking on doors in “the hood”

    What do you know about Vax and genetics. Listen to duscussion ‘ Vax companies stopped and refused to conduct Vax testing based on genetics. India requested testing in their gene pool and Vax company refused … so India refused.

    Do other countries have a well founded understanding on the Vax and issues within various genetics? Suspicion?

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