The “Hole” Truth: Potholes Are The Pits

Heavy rains and flooding. Record snowfall and historically low temperatures.

Those pesky potholes.

Half of the country has experienced extreme weather recently, resulting in everything from frozen pipes to flood damage. But there is another menace appearing because of the weather, one that many drivers deal with every year.

Those pesky potholes.

Potholes become more prominent the first few months of the year as temperatures fluctuate. The freezing and thawing cycles allow moisture to seep into the road surface, which causes the road to crumble.

Here are a few tips to make driving smoother and safer.

What can I do to avoid damage from potholes?

  • Pump it up. Keeping your tires properly inflated may reduce damage. If tires are under-inflated, the impact from hitting a pothole is much more likely to damage tires, rims and suspension.
  • Slow down. Travelling at a safe speed for the road conditions and keeping your eyes on the road can all help you avoid the damage that can come with hitting a pothole.
  • Stay in your lane. Avoid sudden swerving to prevent hitting a pothole as it may result in loss of control of the car or vehicle.
  • Pay it forward. If you notice a road that has potholes, you can report the roadway hazard to your local city or county transportation department so they are aware of the issue.



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  1. In Pittsburgh, we use lights, flashing the headlights, to denote danger ahead, anything from a cop checking speed (I got stopped by a cop checking speed, just waving for me to stop, from his VASCAR Location, asking me if I could let him do his job, i.e. not flashing the headlights to warn others) to vehicles or people in the road, obstacles, etc. One day, south of the city, a Tree Down in the road, superficially blocking my side of the two lane road, with the Trunk of the tree across the other lane. A Pick-up truck was flying towards the Tree, I flashed my lights, he didn’t slow, and we heard a loud crash, the idiot had driven up over the Tree Trunk and was stuck. Pre-Cell Phone Days, we stopped at a home and requested they notify the police, and the accident scene was visible from the house. P.S. the other driver was fine.

    Pot holes, if severe enough, would be warranted to flashing the headlights to warn oncoming cars, but I doubt it would work in most areas.

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