Senator John Kennedy Doesn’t Hold Back on Biden’s Failures


Louisiana U.S. Senator John Kennedy probably said it best in his assessment of the Joe Biden’s 2023 State of the Union speech.

What we heard tonight from the president were words. That’s all they were: words on a teleprompter, written by the president’s speech writer.

In Washington, I have learned, you have to watch what people do — not what they say. In Washington, what you do is what you believe. What you do is what you believe and everything else is just words — just cottage cheese.

President Biden has been president now for two years.

We know what he believes because we know what he has done:

Higher Taxes,

Bigger government,

More spending,

More debt,

More regulations,

Open borders,

A weaker military,

Criminals are the good guys, and every school library should have at least one drag queen (no matter what the parents think).

Those aren’t words. Those are President Biden’s record. That’s what he has done.

One final point: the President talked about how sound, in his opinion, the American economy is under his watch. It’s as if he parachuted in from another planet.

President Biden wants you to believe — think about this — President Biden wants you to believe that:

●Hamburger costs $4/pound,

●A whole chicken costs $8, and

●Your 401k is crashing …

… because the economy is so good,

It’s just not true folks.

To paraphrase a commentator: “For two years now, President Biden has been pushing on a door that is clearly marked ‘pull.'”

The American people and the people in Louisiana deserve better.

Sen. John Kennedy


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