Media Proves Their Worthlessness With Recent Election Lies About Trump

Most of the news coverage about former President Donald J. Trump leaves fake news followers with the impression that the Republican National Convention was doing just fine before he came along.

Many Americans who follow mainstream news are being taught that the recent elections were a disaster for the GOP because of Trump.

🔹Facts about Trump’s political endorsements in 2022 tell a far more truthful story.

🔹His records on endorsements in the last general election was 232 wins and only 22 losses.

🔹In this year’s primaries he was 98.6 percent successful.

Thanks to Trump, the total for the midterm elections showed 3.5 million more Republicans voted. This statistic alone was underreported, if even reported at all.


Let’s take a look at more facts, not reported or distorted by mainstream media.

Endorsements% Success rate: Primaries% Success rate: General Election
Donald Trump98.6%88.2%
Joe Biden67%45%
Barack Obama44%64%
In 2021 Trump’s Primary Success Rate was 100% while Biden’s was 50%.

🔹Since 2018 Trump’s average success rate for the primaries is 93%. Biden’s is 82.7%.

🔹Since 2018 Trump’s General Election average success rate is 76%. Biden’s is 66.75%.

Despite the lack of support from Ronna McDaniel (Mitt Romney’s niece) and the RNC for Trump’s endorsements, his advocacy for candidates has been exceptionally strong.

The areas where most of his 22 endorsements were not fruitful were in suspect jurisdictions such as Arizona (Hobbs), Pennsylvania (Fetterman), and Georgia (Murdock) where the likelihood of ballot fraud is especially prevalent.


Predictably, corporate mainstream media increased the belching out of their tiring fake news against Trump after the Georgia Senate election runoff this week.

Just as they did in November 2020 by prematurely calling Arizona for Joe Biden, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Channel joined the chorus of mockingbird propaganda and resorted to their preplanned false narratives against Trump.

“Herschel Walker just wrote Donald Trump’s political obituary,” read a headline on the television network’s opinion page. “It is time for Donald Trump to step away from politics.”

Columnist Liz Peek wrote the loss of the Georgia Senate seat by Herschel Walker was the final straw and proclaimed that Trump’s political career is over.

“Having suffered the rare humiliation of failing to win a second term in the Oval Office, and having cost his party a majority in the senate – three times – it is time for Donald Trump to step away from politics. It is the right thing to do for his party, for the country, and for himself,” Peek wrote.

Like a counterfeit trying to use a fake $20 Bill, she feigned that the 2022 midterm elections were a referendum on the Trump presidency.

“Trump was a breath of fresh air when he ran for president in 2016, and he was a successful president knocked down by a virus from China,” she wrote. “But his refusal to admit defeat in the 2020 election, and the tragic aftermath of that refusal, shut the door on his political career. After January 6, and having publicly nursed his grievances for two years, there is no comeback.”

The Wall Street Journal published a negative editorial today writing that the lesson from the midterms is that Trump picks losers.

“The evidence is overwhelming over the last three election cycles that Mr. Trump and the crazy parts of Trumpism alienate suburban voters and divide the GOP. Denying that is denying reality and will guarantee more needless Republican losses in 2024,” the editorial board wrote.

Trump’s record for replacing the 10 House Republicans who supported his impeachment was somewhat successful. During the primary season, eight either lost challenges or retired before facing voters, while only two survived. Among the eight Trump-endorsed challengers, six went forward to win their general election contests.


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  1. After “using” President Trump for fundraising and promotion, the GOP turned around and stabbed him in the back (figuratively). Until the GOP gets rid of people like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and others, the party will continue to anger its own base and lose supporters.

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  2. I believe the Republicans want to lose. They hate Donald Trump more than they want to win. And everyone with any sense knows that Trump isn’t a loser. 6 out of 8 of his candidates won. That’s 75% of his candidates. That sure sounds like a positive to me!

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