American Truth Isn’t In Hollywood: It’s From the Woods

Smart Americans don’t get their information from Big Media mainstream corporate news.

Intelligent people realize Hollywood movies today are intended for propaganda and social engineering for communism, socialism and New World Order dominance.

Who in entertainment business can you trust? Harvey Weinstein? Rob Reiner? Alec Baldwin? Whoopi Goldberg? Kathy Griffin?

Some people go to The Woods for hard truth and wisdom. With what is purportedly among the highest IQ in the movie business, some call James Woods the smartest and bravest patriot in California–or at least Hollywood.







In God We Trust

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7 thoughts on “American Truth Isn’t In Hollywood: It’s From the Woods

  1. I loathe every bone in Joe Bidens body. His death can’t come soon enough. It would take pages to list all this demon has done, but the one of the the abandon k9 soldiers just drives his evilness home. They deserved better for their service as did the folks we left behind. There are more like Woods out there, they just don’t have the guts to speak up. Thanks for reminding us of what America has become.

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