Why Do You Imagine Escaping From This Existence, But Cling Desperately to Your Chains of Media?

You’ve been good and obedient, but somehow you’re more frightened, sick and numb.

Could it be your television is constantly on and tuned to ______ (insert whatever you choose here)?

You really do have the power and freedom to:

🔹Turn off the TV.

🔹Not wear a mask.

🔹Walk outside (unless you live in a crime infested community).

🔹Not take an experimental and unproven drug or be injected with  dangerous concoctions.

🔹Change political parties if the one you cling to is harming you.

Like a battered person, abused by an abusive partner, you are being lied to. You are manipulated. Deny this as much as any abused victim does, but the fact is you are being damaged.

Stop it now. Today.

Clinging to media results in this type of leadership. Turn it off. They lie.
Why is it necessary to continuously monitor fake news?


In God We Trust

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