On the Road Again, Stuck With No Power in His Electric Car

Back home at our local Texas Hill Country breakfast cafe, we overheard some of the truckers and travelers laughing at the number of electric cars they’ve seen along Interstate Highway 10.

Many were abandoned, waiting for help or waiting in line behind others to charge their lithium batteries.

Charging an electric van

“As I passed one near Fort Stockton, the radio was playing Willie Nelson’s ‘On the Road Again,'” a friend coming back from a Colorado trip grinned. “I started singing along, ‘Stuck on the road again.’ That’s how obvious it was.”

“Now get this,” he observed. “The guy was standing outside in the wide open spaces by himself wearing a mask practically in the middle of nowhere. He had California license plates so I figured he was on his way to Austin!”

October 12, 2022

In God We Trust

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  1. Great read Jack. Being out of juice anywhere in the Fort Stockton area would be scary. We saw a Tesla on the side of the road near Alpine. I can hear Biden now; “turn on those wind things and those solar thingies” We are in bigger trouble than we know.

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  2. Assuming that every fourth person in Germany would now buy and drive an electric car, then more nuclear power plants would have to be built than existed before the nuclear phase-out, or a wind turbine would have to be erected at a distance of one kilometer. It’s just stupid that they forgot to lay the power lines and that there is hardly any storage capacity available at the moment.

    If I could, I would leave the madhouse that is Germany immediately. Not only because of the energy supply, but because nothing is right here anymore. There is not one stone left standing on another. It’s pure torture.

    You’re still doing well, thank God.

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    • So horrible. I have a niece who works for Young Life as a counselor near a US Air Base in Germany but she’s young and doesn’t seem to be too concerned. I’m afraid that those that are too young to know the difference or have been indoctrinated may be oblivious.

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      • It could be Texan Jack. The energy and economic war is a luxury war that only the rich can afford. The rich include 1.2 million German millionaires, politicians and journalists. In contrast, there are 14 million poor Germans who can no longer pay their bills, with all the consequences such as losing their homes.

        The rich have not recognized the problems of the poor even before the luxury war and also do not recognize or are not interested in the existential problems of the lower class triggered by the luxury war. I will no longer have an apartment in the spring of 2023 and I am panic-stricken.

        Das könnte sein Texan Jack. Der Energie- und Wirtschaftskrieg ist ein Luxuskrieg, den sich nur die Reichen leisten können. Zu den Reichen gehören 1,2 Millionen deutsche Millionäre, Politiker und Journalisten. Im Gegensatz dazu gibt es 14 Millionen arm gemachte Deutsche, die ihre Rechnungen nicht mehr bezahlen können, mit allen Konsequenzen wie z. B. der Verlust der Wohnung.

        Die Reichen haben die Probleme der Armen schon vor dem Luxuskrieg nicht erkannt und erkennen die durch den Luxuskrieg ausgelösten existenziellen Probleme der Unterschicht auch nicht bzw. sie interessieren sich nicht dafür. Ich werde im Frühjahr 2023 keine Wohnung mehr haben und ich habe panische Angst.


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          • Thank you for your advice, unfortunately it is not feasible. I think you know too little about Germany and I know too little about the USA.

            You know China or Iran and you know that opposition members are persecuted there. There, people end up in prisons or are tortured.

            Hardly anyone can imagine that opposition figures are also persecuted in Germany. The persecution in Germany only looks different.

            You don’t see it, you don’t hear it. Politics and justice work in secret.

            A few years ago, I was on a television talk show and publicly criticized the federal government and state and local politicians. That didn’t go down well at all. Well, I’m an architect by profession and everyone immediately thinks there must be money, that used to be the case, but since I got involved publicly in the political discourse, it was over with the nice life.

            I have been unofficially banned from working and my profession. I can’t prove it, but when you lose your job for flimsy reasons and can’t get a new one, despite being highly qualified and academically educated, you start to get thoughtful.

            When you can’t get a job even in the low-wage sector (cleaning, assembly line, etc.), then you just know something is wrong.

            I once told you about my fate, my family. The suffering and misery that was inflicted on us by Muslims, you remember? There is not much family left, no one left.

            In this respect, your well-meant advice is not feasible for me.

            Perhaps you are also a little surprised why I write so openly about it at this point on your blog, I honestly also, but if you want to know exactly, there is no hope left for me. I will not survive the luxury war that Germany is waging and that only the rich can afford.

            This is a very simple mathematical equation. Due to the increases in cost, which are enormous, my income is too low to be able to cover the expenses. Actually a milkmaid’s calculation, as they say here in Germany.

            There is also no real solidarity among Germans. On the contrary, we Germans have become strangers to each other.

            On top of that, the label “Nazi” has been stuck on me. I don’t know any Nazis and I don’t belong to any of these groups.

            In the German media it is very often pointed out that you don’t give “Nazis” a job, you don’t rent apartments and you don’t sell houses, but they don’t care at all if you are really a Nazi or if you are just gathering facts and arguments, rejecting illegal immigration (97%).

            By the way, all that I have now tried to explain very briefly is in my blogs, in yours and a thousand other blogs, and Donald also explains it tirelessly.

            The theory has long since become true, only those who write about it should finally realize that this is no longer a theory, but the truth. It happens now and here.

            Kind regards from Germany.

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  3. What a mess they’ve made, and they think it won’t bite ’em. Wrong. I have a Prius that I’ve had for 5 years, because that’s what became available for a good price, second hand, after my truck died. It runs fine, came in handy for my job, but is a blooming nightmare on these dirt roads. I did not realize till I read this that the battery is lithium and dangerous. It’s off the road officially as of yesterday; the underneath is toast, rust and ripped apart. I’m praying for a Rav4, and not a hybrid! They don’t care about the earth at all, or anything but power for themselves. People believe them, and ‘stupid” covers it.

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  4. Environmentalists have been wrong about a lot of things but never admit when they are wrong. All you have to do is follow the money. Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, both huge green investors, have been pushing for green energy for years. You can be certain that the Biden and Pelosi families are profiting somehow, too.

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  5. In this interview, Colonel Fletcher Prouty explains where the term “fossil fuels” comes from:

    Fletcher Prouty Explains Invention and Use of Term “Fossil Fuels”


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