Could These Be The Best News Headlines Ever?

Could the release of the Jeffrey Epstein Island client and visitor list be the key to solving much of America’s political problems?

A reader on social media Gab group, “Louisiana Patriots,” commented on our recent article entitled “Headlines America Would Love to Read by 2023”:

Their suggested headlines seemed to blow ours out of the water. Take a look and tell us which is your favorite.

Special thanks to Poofbunny…Are You Angry:

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  1. I would love to see those happen; however, since so much perverse money went into Epstein’s Island (more than what went into the Clinton Foundation), that stops the first three.

    Problem is, while I support it all, the Devil has rule of the air right now. Therefore, the rest of the list gets less possible.

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  2. I agree with a lot of that, but not all. 75 years of isolation does not sound good; make people come in legally, be a lot more careful about foreign entanglements, as the Founding Fathers warned. We might not need to be quite so stringent with government officials, but it certainly needs to tighten up. The sexual perversions absolutely need curbing legislation, and all ought to be required to seek intensive counseling, of a Christian nature, which is now widely available, though suppressed, and very effective; the damage done to society and to these people trapped in these lifestyles needs both legislation and compassion, firm compassion, not the garbage they’ve been getting from the Left. The Left hates these people and uses them for the destruction of the family. If they won, they would ultimately execute many of them.

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