The Dangerous 5G, Covid, Elections Connection With China-Operated U.S. Company Democrats Don’t Want You to Know About

Do you remember when President Donald J. Trump called COVID-19 “The Wuhan Virus” or the “China Virus”?

After all, as customary, viruses named from their source of origin (think Ebola, German Measles, Lyme, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Spanish Flu, West Nile, etc.) was as common as hurricanes being designated in alphabetic order with female titles–Hurricanes Agnes, Camille, Carla, Carol, Donna, Edna, Katrina, and so on. Eventually they took turns with male names–Andrew, Gilbert, Harvey, Hugo and so on.


Wuhan, a city of 11 million, is called “the Chicago of China.” It is both an economic juggernaut and a transportation hub—railroads, roads, highways connecting travelers to other Chinese cities.

The annual GDP of Wuhan reaches a staggering $220 billion dollars.

Over 230 foreign Fortune 500 companies have offices in Wuhan and do business there. At least 80 foreign countries fund companies in the city.

Wuhan is a victim of her growth, especially concerning toxic smog, pollution and monumental citizen protests. Who remembers the 1989 Tiananmen massacre? 

In the eyes of the Communist government of China, citizens of Wuhan and beyond need to be controlled. The New World Order and World Economic Forum subscribe to the same philosophy.


It was in Wuhan that China Telecom established the world’s first massive 5G network.

To control the masses, they rolled out the technology in airports, railway stations and other areas of the city.

By 2020, 5G was located in Wuhan universities, hospital and communication facilities.  

In the meantime, by December 2019, 27 people were confirmed with a new Wuhan virus from a relatively new Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory in the city. Remember, Anthony Fauci helped this lab.

Less than a month later, in January 2020, a man in his 30s, was the first confirmed American to have this new “coronavirus” near Bill Gates’ home in Seattle, Washington state. 

Washington health officials placed this patient in isolation at Providence Regional Medical Center – Everett, near his home in Snahomish County. 

After months of studies, more evidence indicates the Wuhan fifth generation [5G] wireless communications radiation [WCR]) rapidly spread globally.

Today, strong evidence points to a statistical correlation to international communities with recently established 5G networks.

Even more alarming, is the growing amount of peer-reviewed scientific literature on the detrimental bioeffects of WCR identifying how this contributed to the Wuhan Virus (COVID-19) pandemic as a toxic environmental cofactor.

Evidence shows 5G WCR may:

(1) cause morphologic changes in erythrocytes (red blood cells) including echinocyte and rouleaux formation that can contribute to hypercoagulation;

(2) impair microcirculation and reduce erythrocyte and hemoglobin levels exacerbating hypoxia;

(3) amplify immune system dysfunction, including immunosuppression, autoimmunity, and hyperinflammation;

(4) increase cellular oxidative stress and the production of free radicals resulting in vascular injury and organ damage;

(5) increase intracellular Ca2+essential for viral entry, replication, and release, in addition to promoting pro-inflammatory pathways;

(6) worsen heart arrhythmias and cardiac disorders.

The connections to Vice President Kamala Harris, Chief Justice John Roberts and ex-FBI Director James Comey to the Chinese Communist Party controlled Konnech election software company based in Lansing, Michigan were explained in THIS PREVIOUS ARTICLE.

Recall that soon after the stolen 2020 election, attorney Sidney Powell revealed that two men, Lord Malloch-Brown (chairman of the board) and Sir Nigel Knowles were the primary leaders of SGO Smartmatic. When Powell mentioned their names, attorney Rudy Giuliani began perspiring profusely.

SGO Smartmatic was/is part of the Paragon company.

Malloch-Brown is a close associate of George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, Quantum Fund, Soros Financial Management and was a Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations.

The attorneys for some of Paragon’s leading companies are from–what many investigators argue is the most corrupt British based law firm on earth–DLA Piper.

🔹James Comey’s brother, Peter, worked for DLA Piper from 2011-2018 (primarily Obama years).

🔹Kamala Harris’ husband, Douglas C. Emhoff, worked for DLA Piper from 2017-2021. Knowles was Kamala’s husband’s boss.

🔹Jane Sullivan Roberts, wife of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, works on DLA Piper for “executive recruitment.” Knowles was the DLA Piper chairman when Jane Roberts took on DLA Piper as a client.

SGO Smartmatic that controls all election systems, including Dominion, worldwide – the various company names (Smartmatic, Hart InterCivic, Sequoia, Premier, Diebold, ES&S) are a shell game since they all have common Optech software.


Now that we know about SGO Smartmatic, Dominion and other systems use Optech software, we need to introduce you to another company: Konnech.

The Communist Chinese government owns and runs Konnech. They are advertised and doing business as a “U.S. software company used by ‘thousands of Election Offices across North America.’

Konnech is embedded and used extensively by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Today, Konnech’s software helps manage a tremendous amount of poll workers, polling locations, campaigns, assets, mail-in ballots, and supplies necessary to run elections in the United States, Canada, and Australia.


Dinesh D’Souza’s blockbuster documentary, “2000 Mules” released in the summer of 2022 revealed how hundreds of thousands of fake ballots stuffed voting boxes by paid Democratic operatives (Mules) in the 2020 Election.

The film focused on the detailed and exemplary investigative work of True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips.

Recently, the group revealed that Konnech is hosting election data on Chinese servers accessible by the CCP.

True the Vote says Konnech controls a great deal of personal information on 1.8 million U.S. election workers. They brought the evidence data to the FBI.

Indications are that the FBI may have threatened the investigative patriots and has so far done nothing with the information.

Konnech’s asset management software manages election day materials “utilizing a barcode tracking system with integrated GPS capabilities” just like they did for critical equipment used in thousands of voting locations in the U.S. 2020 Election.

Their ballot tracking software tracks mail-in ballots, prints ballots, offers signature comparison capabilities, and even scans “ballot packages and application images directly into the system for side by side verification against voter profiles.” Just ask the Secretaries of State for Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The CEO of Konnech Inc., is Eugene Yu a native Chinese who speaks English. He graduated from Zhejiang University in Zhejiang, China, with a bachelors degree in 1982 and from Wake Forest University with an MBA in 1988.

Konnech’s software developers for elections throughout the world, including America, are in China. It is known as “Pollchief.”


A 2017 New York Times article indicated Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) “worked in tandem with Beijing to promote a pro-Chinese agenda and tamp down anti-Chinese speech in the U.S. and other Western campuses.”

Journalists and human rights groups have referred to the CSSA as government-organized non-governmental organizations used to surveil and report on Chinese students abroad. Tremendous Chinese donations have spurred significant influence in many American Universities, including the construction of Confucius Institute centers and curriculum.

Konnech previously built a ‘communication platform’ for the Confucius Institute.

In November 2006, the company posted on their Facebook page, “… Confucius Institute at Michigan State University has reached an agreement with Konnech, Inc. to build—a unique interactive communication platform and Chinese language learning tool.”

Konnech CEO Yu is not the only employee from China. Software engineers and employees have graduated from numerous Chinese universities including Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, University of Science and Technology of China, Beijing Language and Culture University, China Agricultural University, and HuaZhong University of Science and Technology.

Konnech Software Engineer, Wang Xiang, graduated from China’s Nanjing University with a bachelors degree in Computer Science in 2012. He received a M.S. in Computer Science at the University of New Mexico where he managed the website of the ‘Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) of the University of New Mexico.

Note that the CSSA is the official organization for overseas Chinese students and scholars registered in most colleges, universities, and institutions outside of the People’s Republic of China.

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  1. Start with honest elections, all on paper and counted by citizens.
    Vote for politicians that won’t sell off our Country, our jobs.
    Fauci should be arrested.
    And teachers in grade schools should be teaching the Founding of our Country and those great leaders.

    Plus deporting illegal aliens! Most only come here for perks!

    Write your Reps and Senators, we must demand they work for our Country and citizens!
    Start with

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  2. Points:

    1. I believe that 5G may cause health issues. I’m not a Doctor, the Screen Name is a character in a 2001 Movie. But I’m an Amateur Radio Operator, and have an Associates in Specialized Technology Degree in Electronics. There seems to be sufficient data for concerns about RF Induced Disorders.

    2. I believe that the Push for 5G is so that manufacturers of common equipment can include connectivity to these 5G systems in a surreptitious way, and have microphones included (such as in an Alarm Clock), or use it to spy on ordinary citizens in other ways (Smart TV, Refrigerator, etc.). My watch is connected by Bluetooth to my Cellphone. I can walk a few homes away on the street before the watch determines that the phone is no longer connected. Though there is a delay in the watch polling for the phone, and that accounts for some of the distance, the connectivity distance is farther than I would have thought possible for a watch with no visible antenna and a metal case.

    5G will essentially bring a series of Neighborhood Antennas that will be able to receive very low level signals from various devices. Electric Meters are being read this way in Pittsburgh, and Natural Gas Meters are being read by a vehicle that drives around and collects the data from several streets worth of meters at one time. I see they are incorporating similar technology on Water Meters.

    The reason I believe that spying on everyone is behind the 5G Movement is that, prior to that, BPL was being pushed. BPL (Broadband over Power Lines) was determined to be likely to cause significant disruption in HF (High Frequency) communications, since the Data Signals would, essentially, be transmitted by miles and miles of Power Lines (inadvertently). FEMA originally spoke in opposition to BPL, but ran away, licking their wounds, when the administration at the time pushed BPL regardless of the issues.

    BPL would allow a person to Plug-In their Computer to a Receptacle and Transmit the Data over the Powerline at a relatively high rate of speed. But it would, similarly, permit common devices to transmit data from home devices to the govt to be used to spy on individuals. Hopefully, BPL seems to be a failed idea, but 5G seems to be the replacement.

    Will be watching as things unfold. Thanks for the great Blog.

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