Midwest U.S. Farmer Tells It Like It Is

Electric vehicles, including tractors, are part of a future planned by New World Order-World Economic Forum worshipers.

Many American farmers have major apprehensions about the technology applications in their fields. This Midwest farmer has over 10,000 acres of corn.

His operation is a “partnership farm” with John Deere. They use larger farm operations for promotions and development of new equipment.

He has something to say about the subject:


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  1. Yes, many of the proposals being forced upon the American public and especially workers are from those that most likely never worked in the fields they are determined to regulate. De-fund the police? Guaranteed, not one proponent of that idea ever, ever put on a uniform. Switching to all electric vehicles, especially farm equipment. Those pushing for that very likely never got closer to a field than the produce aisles of Whole Foods or Wegman’s.

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