Something ‘Green’ Could be Rotten in Georgia and it’s Not Peaches

Families of electrical power plant facilities in Georgia are concerned for job security due to the Biden Democrats’ Build Back Better Green Initiatives.

Another concerning factor is, out of the 2,500 companies in the U.S. with Chinese firms having controlling interests, many are energy businesses. These include Cirrus Wind Energy, First International Oil, EIG Global Energy Partners, Chesapeake Energy Corp, Boston Power, Global Solar Energy, TransPacific Energy and others.

Last week, Georgia regulators approved the retirement and decertification of all Georgia Power-controlled coal units by 2028, with one exception: the 3,300 MW Plant Bowen.

“One of my sons works at Plant Bowen which is a Georgia Power plant,” said one mother who asked not to be identified due to the corrupt politics of Gov. Brian Kemp and the state in general. “When he began working there six years ago, the coal heap was a half a mile long and 100 feet high rising like a mountain in the landscape.”

“There was enough coal to provide power to all of the southeast for 4 to 5 years,” she continued. “Today, they have enough for one month. The coal cars used to run through twice a day. Now, my son reports getting maybe one train a week.”

“The plant is currently running only one unit at half capacity, because they simply don’t have the coal to fire up the other units,” she noted.

“Now here’s something that you may not know,” the mother revealed. “The ash that is produced from the burning of coal is used in many everyday products. Things like concrete, fertilizer, asphalt, Portland cement, bricks, gypsum panel products (dry wall), and on and on.”

Current U.S. Energy Plants


“The fly ash is collected and sold to manufacturers who produce the building products mentioned above. So, you see, when there’s no coal to burn, there’s no ash. And when there’s no ash, there will be shortages (and higher prices) for items that are vital to our economy,” she wrote.

“Look at that list again and ponder this: U.S. coal shipments to China saw a 30-fold increase in the second quarter of 2021 placing it just behind India as the largest importer of American coal.”

“Something unusual is going on. My son has worked at the power plant long enough to understand that things.”

Regulators are expected to reevaluate Bowen Plant as part of the utility’s next regularly scheduled integrated resource plan (IRP) in 2025. The last minute deal to keep Plant Bowen open was initiated by Commissioner Fitz Johnson.

In December, the commission is scheduled to vote on Georgia Power’s rate plan. If approved, a residential customer who uses 1,000 kWh of electricity each month would see their bill increase from $128 now to $144.29 at the end of three years.

Regulators also tentatively approved what is expected to be another “Green Initiative,” Georgia Power’s largest single battery energy storage system project, the McGrau Ford Battery facility. As proposed, the resource would include a 265 MW lithium-ion facility interconnected at the McGrau Ford substation. Regulators also approved an additional 500 MW of battery storage.  

Georgia Power’s coal assets include Plant Bowen, Plant Scherer, and Plant Wansley. Plant Bowen began commercial operation in 1975 in Bartow County, Georgia. The four coal-fired units are capable of producing 3,376 MW of electricity.

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  1. China economic model is nothing like USA. The common American does not understand that to own or lead any influential multi national business in China you have to be a communist party member.

    The captains of industry in China are all military. Once in the military you are always military

    The head crackers of Tiananmen Square were awarded captains of industry and cities

    Liked by 3 people

    • Near Laughlin AFB in Del Rio TX, a Chinese Colonel literally bought hundreds of acres (through a surrogate real estate agent out of Lockhart, Tx) to build an airstrip. Texas legislature & governor became involved & closed it down.
      You are spot on about military leaders.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. When Nancy Pelosi stated in 2020 that “China would prefer Biden,” that told me all I needed to know about the Democrats and the 2020 election. It isn’t just Biden, it’s the whole Party that is in bed with China, Russia, and Ukraine. I have no doubt that these countries are using what they know to blackmail members of Congress and the President. Some Republicans, too. But apparently, it’s going to take a total collapse of the economy before the Democratic Party base wakes up and dumps these corrupt criminals. In the current conditions, and in normal times, Republicans would easily take back both the House and the Senate. If they don’t, there is something seriously wrong.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Always wondered about blackmail

      Frankin scandal showed how blackmail could be used by deep state on US political class.

      Wonder if the sane principle applied in the Franklin scandal could be applied internationally

      Liked by 4 people

      • Years ago I watched a video called Conspiracy Silence (or some title like that) that delved into the Franklin Scandal. It was presented by a GOP senator (Delcamp, I believe) and was meant to be presented on cable TV (Discovery Channel?) but never made it to TV. In this age of internet it may still be out there. I’m traveling & going just by memory. Now years later, I’ve learned many of these conspiracies turned out to be true & makes more sense in today’s world.

        Liked by 2 people

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