Media’s Biggest Lie Ever: ‘No Evidence’

Strong contenders for the biggest planned lie by Big Media include:

🔹The Russia-Russia-Russia Scam: Through proof and evidence, we know Donald Trump was not a Russian agent who colluded with them to win the 2016 election.

🔹Hunter Biden’s Laptop: Media denied and/or delayed the explosive information that revealed his corrupt foreign business deals and how his father helped him.

🔹The January 6 “Insurrection”: We know it was not a coup to take over America. Period.

🔹Anthony Fauci’s Gain of Function and Vaccinations: It made him, politicians and Big Pharma more filthy rich, but over 99.7% of the population at any given time had very little to worry about from the virus.

🔹Denial of Bidenflation: Inflation and consumables reaching 50 year highs and media still lies.

The absolute winner from the corrupt losers in American newsrooms was, and continues to be, there was “NO EVIDENCE” of illegal activity, fraud and the stealing of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Their “NO EVIDENCE” headlines and copy comes repeatedly in many forms:






Just days after Biden came out of the basement to congratulate himself for his claim of 81 million record breaking votes, attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell were delivering evidence.

The proof, which has been consistently strengthened (and added to) each day, while the Biden Regime has perpetually weakened the nation, was topped off with undeniable confirmation in Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules documentary, now seen by over 20 million viewers.


America must not forget what Giuliani and the Trump legal team layed out in November 2020. Here are excerpts:

GIULIANI:  As we started investigating, both our investigations and the very patriotic and brave American citizens that have come forward are extraordinary, extraordinary number of people, extraordinary number of witnesses. And what emerged very quickly is this is not a singular voter fraud in one state. This pattern repeats itself in a number of states, almost exactly the same pattern, which to any experienced investigator, prosecutor would suggest that there was a plan from a centralized place to execute these various acts of voter fraud, specifically focused on big cities, and specifically focused on, as you would imagine, big cities controlled by Democrats.

GIULIANI: In Pennsylvania, the margin of victory now for Biden, which is not a victory; it’s a fraud — is 69,140 votes. The reality is that we are now at a count of 682,770 ballots for which we have affidavits that there was no inspection of that ballot at the time that it was entered in the vote. It was a mail ballot. Mail ballots are particularly prone to fraud. We were warned about that by Jimmy Carter, President Jimmy Carter and Secretary Baker in a report about a dozen years ago in which they said that mail balloting is particularly susceptible of fraud, that we should very carefully consider ever doing it and that it can be taken advantage of.


Justice Souter warned us of the same thing in a comment in an election law case. And even the New York Times wrote articles about how dangerous mail voting, mail-in voting was. And this is the first time we ever did it en masse. And I think we proved that all three are problems. It’s not only susceptible to fraud, it is easily susceptible to fraud, particularly if you have a plan or scheme which sounds eerily similar to what Joe Biden told us a few days before the election that he had the best voter fraud team in the world.

GIULIANI: But they were good. I don’t know that they were that good because they made significant mistakes, like all crooks do, and we caught ’em. One of them was pushing out Republican inspectors. Every state, almost every civilized country, even Tanzania and places that you wouldn’t think of have rules about inspectors, particularly for mail-in ballots. And why particularly for mail-in ballots? Because they can more easily be defrauded and —

GIULIANI: — it’s so easy. Well, you fill out an envelope like this. You put your — usually in New York would be your assembly district and precinct in which you’re voting. You fill out your name and your address and you sign it. You then use an inner envelope, and you put the ballot inside the inner envelope. You seal it all and you send it in. When it’s being counted, almost invariably in the United States up until the mass cheating that went on in this election, a Republican and a Democrat inspector, as well as others if there are other parties, is allowed to watch the unsealing of this ballot. It used to go on all over America when we conducted honest elections.


GIULIANI: Because the only time you can ever find out if it’s a fraudulent ballot is when it is looked at. The minute you approve this, it’s thrown away —

GIULIANI: — gone for eternity. The only thing left is the vote. That could have been Mickey Mouse. That could have been a dead person. That could have been not filled out properly. That could have been the same person 30 times.

GIULIANI: And all these things have happened, by the way. That could have been nothing filled out. We’d never know. So, for example, the recount being done in Georgia will tell us nothing because these fraudulent ballots will just be counted again because they wouldn’t supply the signatures to match the ballots. So it means nothing to have counted these ballots because, for example, in Pennsylvania where we have probably our most precise evidence, 682,770 of these ballots were cast, put in, and they weren’t inspected, which renders them ballots that are null and void. Cannot be counted, have to be removed from the vote.


Why? For several reasons, not the least of which is that was basically only one of two places in the state where it was done. So in the other parts of the state there was a legitimate inspection of the ballots. So if you have two different standards in different parts of the state, one favoring one part of the state, the other disfavoring the other part of the state, that’s a classic violation of equal-protection clause of the United States Constitution, Bush v. Gore being the most recent case that teaches that.

Popular meme


That’s not the only fraud that went on in Pennsylvania. All of the other frauds carried out in the other states by the Democrat bosses happened there as well. For example, if you’ve made a mistake in that ballot and you lived in Philadelphia or in Pittsburgh, you were allowed to fix the mistake. But if you lived in what would be considered more Republican or Trump parts of the state, you were given no such right. One of our plaintiffs, Mr. Henry, cast an absentee ballot. And he failed to put it in the secure envelope inside. He just put it in open, naked.

GIULIANI: The ballot was cast aside because it was invalid, because that breaks the privacy of the vote.


POWELL: — referendum came out the way he did not want it to come out. We have one very strong witness who has explained how it all works. His affidavit is attached to the pleadings of Lin Wood and the lawsuit he filed in Georgia. It is a stunning, detailed affidavit because he was with Hugo Chavez while he was being briefed on how it worked. He was with Hugo Chavez when he saw it operate to make sure the election came out his way. That was the express purpose for creating the software. He has seen it operate. And as soon as he saw the multiple states shut down the voting on the night of the election, he knew the same thing was happening here, that that was what had gone on.

Now, the software itself was created with so many variables and so many back doors that can be hooked up to the internet or a thumb drive stuck in it or whatever. But one of its most characteristic features is its ability to flip votes. It can set and run an algorithm that probably ran all over the country to take a certain percentage of votes from President Trump and flip them to President Biden, which we might never have uncovered had the votes for President Trump not been so overwhelming in so many of these states that it broke algorithm that had been plugged into the system.


And that’s what caused them to have to shut down in the states they shut down in. That’s when they came in the back door with all the mail-in ballots, many of which they had actually fabricated. Some were on pristine paper with identically matching, perfect circled dots for Mr. Biden. Others were shoved in in batches. They’re always put in in a certain number of batches, and people would rerun the same batch. This corresponds to our statistical evidence that shows incredible spikes in the vote counts at particular times. And that corresponds to eyewitness testimony of numerous people who have come forward and said they saw the ballots come in the back door at that time.


Notably, the Dominion executives are nowhere to be found now. They are moving their offices overnight to different places. Their office in Toronto was shared with one of the Soros entities. One of the leaders of the Dominion project overall is Lord Malloch-Brown, Mr. Soros’ number 2 person in the U.K. and part of his organization. There are ties of the Dominion leadership to the Clinton Foundation and to other known politicians in this country.

Just to give you a brief description of how this worked, I’m gonna quote from a letter that was written, and I will read that to make sure I get the quotes right. This person was objecting to the United States’ acquisition of Sequoia voting systems by Smartmatic, a foreign owned country. I believe this transaction raises exactly the sort of foreign ownership issues that CFIUS is best positioned to examine for national security purposes.

It’s undisputed that Smartmatic is foreign owned and is (unintelligible) Sequoia. They keep changing the names as they go along. Different times when a problem comes up they just create another corporation and call it a different name. But it was a voting machine company doing business in the United States. Sequoia voting machines were used to record over 125 million votes during the 2004 presidential election in the United States.


Smartmatic now acknowledges that Antonio Mugica, a Venezuela businessman has controlling interest in Smartmatic, but the company has not revealed who all the Smartmatic owners are. According to the press, Smartmatic’s owners are hidden through a web of offshore private entities. And that is in fact true. Smartmatic has been associated with the Venezuelan government led by Hugo Chavez which is openly hostile to the United States, and of course as we all know communistic and really brutalizing its own people.

The system has been continued there by Mr. Maduro and ensured his election. Smartmatic’s possible connection to the Venezuela government poses a potential national security concern in the context of its acquisition of Sequoia because electronic voting machines are susceptible to tampering, and insiders are in the best position to engage in such –


POWELL: — Venezuelan origin and evaluate Smartmatic’s ownership to determine who could have influence and control over these other Sequoia products and services are important to the national security of the United States. This letter was written to Hank Paulson on October 6, 2006, by Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney. Senators Klobuchar and Warren have raised these concerns as recently as December 2019. Why our government has not taken them seriously is beyond my comprehension unless they have some of the three letter agencies have used them themselves in other parts of the world. We know that the technology was exported to affect an election in Argentina. That’s admitted by our friend who wrote the affidavit about Hugo Chavez and his interest in Smartmatic.

Coomer in police car for questioning



Again, in 2006, Carolyn Maloney wrote the Honorable John Snow, the secretary of the Treasury, about the issues. Speaking of Smartmatic’s leadership, one of the Smartmatic patent holders, Eric Coomer, I believe his name is, is on the Web as being recorded in a conversation with Antifa members, saying that he had the election rigged for Mr. Biden. Nothing to worry about here. And he was going to — they were going to F Trump. His social media is filled with hatred for the president and for the United States of America as a whole, as are the social media accounts of many other Smartmatic people.

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  1. And, Jack, they will do it again in November. No arrest, no investigations, no special panels, and no one in our government cares to find out the truth. With all the supposedly crazies we have in this country, why can’t one of them take out Soros. How does this evil demonic man from the gene pool of Hitler keep walking around alive and ruining our country. For that matter, how does Pelosi, Schumer and others keep doing the same? I’m now questioning my belief in the almighty; something I would have never considered. It appears that Satan and his minions are in complete control of the destiny of the US. The “so called” purveyors of good and decency are as corrupted as the bad. The talking heads on Fox and Newsmax blabber about justice is coming any day now. I doubt it. At least you report the things they wont touch.

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