Polls Show Majority of Americans Believe Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Committee is a Witch Hunt

Various internal and public polls are showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), her cronies in the Democratic party, and hand picked Deep State RINOS are failing miserably with their Jan. 6 fiasco.

With an obvious intent to waste more taxpayer funds to change voters minds by using the Committee hearings to prevent President Donald Trump from running again and damage the Republicans for the midterm elections, Pelosi’s team is a failure.

Pelosi with George and Alex Soros

Most polls have been showing the momentum against the Committee has been steadfastly growing. A majority of voters now believe the Committee to be biased. What is particularly harrowing to the Pelosi team, is that a major liberal poll’s results are quite damaging.

According to a June 26-28, 2022 Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey:

🔹Fifty-four percent of voters polled said they believed the committee appointed only by Pelosi was biased.

🔹Only 42 percent (in a liberal poll) said they thought it was fair.

🔹Noteworthy for the Pelosi pack is that 58 percent of independent voters believe that it was biased.

🔹63 percent of voters say that the Legislative Branch of government should be focusing on other things.

“Americans want an examination of the riots over the summer and the origins of the virus over investigating Jan. 6th,” said Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey. “The voters reject the Pelosi move to toss Republicans off of the committee and see it now as just a partisan exercise.”

Popular meme this week


🔹67 percent believe the hearings further divide the country rather than healing it.

🔹58 percent said they felt the hearings were being used to silence political voices on the right.

🔹In a prospective race against How Biden or Kamala Harris, Trump would win.

🔹Against Biden, Trump wins 43-40 in this liberal poll.

🔹Against Harris, Trump wins 45-39.

Most Americans, after the stealing of the 2020 Elections and careless spending by the House of Representatives, are more aware of the blantant dishonesty lead by Democrats.

No one gives a bleep about Jan. 6.


The tide continues to turn against the Biden Administration and Federal Government.

Citizens are deeply concerned about inflation, immigration, government dishonesty, and gas prices.

According to the latest liberal CBS poll:

🔹Inflation is number one issue for 82 percent of people.

🔹Jan. 6 is the least of their concerns, except that most people think it was a set-up and not an “insurrection” as labeled by mainstream media, Democrats and RINOS.

The more time spent on Pelosi’s Jan. 6 witchhunt and the more they try to push it, the more they show that they aren’t focused on the real concerns of the voters.

“To hell with what the people think,” one reader stated. “They are just more concerned putting on an expensive and wasteful show for their wicked agenda and devious power.”

A key learning point is that the “bombshell” testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson failed and was contradicted by multiple other reports.

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  1. Of course Pelosi was the architect of the Jan. 6th insurrection. Most of America now see’s that, even though the deep media has covered it up the best they can. That picture alone, with Soros, says it all. Why wont this evil witch die? Surely, Satan has a great job for her in Hell.

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