Why Aren’t Liberal Men Donating Their Breast Milk to Help Feed Babies?

🔹A few days ago Congressional Democrats approved their valiant legislation to provide baby formula to distraught parents and their starving offspring.

🔹The “Access to Baby Formula Act,” is the lawmakers answer to their own screwups that is causing baby formula supply chain problems in the first place. The reality is this is just a shell game pretend way to shuffle money around to:

1. make it easier to use WIC vouchers.

2. Give loyal FDA staff and propagandists pay raises.

🔹It makes for good copy for those woke enough to still believe in Big Media, but the truth is the bill’s real purpose is to piggyback the “Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act.”

🔹As usual, the Pelosi-Schumer standard operating procedure is to make their bills sound like some kind of miracle solution to a crisis they helped perpetuate…or, especially in the case of giving foreign aid, an avenue to accumulate more kickback opportunities.

🔹Predictably, the woke are led to believe truckloads of emergency baby formula are coming quick to the rescue.

🌴In my humble opinion, the woke would be far better off having their male cohorts (you know, the men who can be pregnant and deliver babies) get off video games or CNN long enough to provide their breast milk personally.

🔹The language of the bill intends to drive the narrative that it “provides $28 million in emergency supplemental appropriations to address the shortage of infant formula in the United States.”

🔹Democrats and Big News, fresh off the propaganda justifications for sending $40 billion to their money laundering pals in Ukraine, continue their deceitful spins.

🔹The legislation, which still needs Senate approval, does next to nothing for achieving that end.

🔹Even the woke Queen of Deplorable Haters, Hillary Clinton tweeted in. She chimed:

🔹“There was $28 million in the bill, but I believe $23 million of it was for administrative costs and salaries,” Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn, said.

“Basically, what the Democrat leadership did was use a bill, title it something that’s dealing with people who are genuinely hurting and just use it as an instance to increase pay at the FDA.”

“They misname these bills on purpose and, honestly, the left just eats it up and they throw it back at us,” Burchett continued. “But in reality, it’s just not true.”

“That ought to disgust you,” Burchett said. “I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican. Using a real tragedy… It did nothing to put more formula on the shelves.”

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  1. Great post! People were feeding their babies long before baby formula was thought of. It’s time we start digging out our mothers’ and grandmothers’ old homemade baby formula recipes. My mother had a Pet milk recipe and she used it to feed me and my siblings when we were babies. My grandmothers both made homemade baby food too. And you can bet it was much more nutritious than the processed baby food the stores sell today.

    We”ll need to go back to the old ways in order to become self-reliant again. “I’m currently reading a book entitled, “The Lost Ways.” Thank you so much for posting, Jack!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Between one person in the neighborhood recently passing away, and another having relatives visit, and one of those relatives is a male, wearing a miniskirt shorter than I have ever seen a woman wear one, and wears an open shirt and a bra, it’s been less than positive around here recently.

    This is my saying:

    “I know few Conservatives that have problems holding their tongues and few liberals that have any issue with letting theirs fly.”

    I have been assaulted with the liberal ideas from select neighbors, insults against Trump, and more. And I do not speak to them in return as they have spoken to me. Gas prices are astronomical, borders open, Afghanistan, Ukraine, monkey pox, and so much more, and these people that freely insulted Trump now think things are good.

    The thing that made me successful at work, holding my tongue, can be agonizing when it comes to the dealing with neighbors. Strangely enough, part of my frustration (not anger), is from dealing with the govt on the Topic of the Loss of the Weather Radio Services in Pittsburgh for 6 weeks now and counting. Frankly, from my job, I was accustomed to excuses and lack of performance on issues by the company (it takes money and manpower, I was not totally unsympathetic). But the company disliked email. One Boss asked me to see if I could get the Fire Hydrants fixed (he wanted them for occasional use in the process), and I emailed the company that “It has come to my attention that there is an issue with the Fire Hydrants”, and I didn’t mention that they were Out of Service for over a year. They started repairing them the next day. Elsewhere, a light that was needed for over 6 Months, and meeting upon meeting failed to get results, was taken care “on the day” that I emailed the 2 bosses for the area, mentioning an employee in the area had lost a leg in a rail incident and the lighting may help to prevent any additional accidents. Yet the govt, this Weather Transmitter, they just are going to do it at their rate, they simply don’t care. I wrote to a person way at the top, and he said he’d look into it. Meteorologists locally (when I have called) suggested I call my Congressman or go to the press, but I hoped that Supervision with the agency would help get the Transmitter working.

    Govt and Neighbors. Good Grief. LOL.


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