These Upcoming Mainstream Media Devious Plans Will Stun You

Elite corporate media plans to turn your attention away from their continuous falsehoods regarding the Biden Crime Family, Spygate, Russia-Russia-Russia, Steele Dossier, Jan.6, and so many others. They will be upping their propaganda to:

1.  Avoid “ItalyGate” coup d’état at all costs. This is where the most detrimental evidence lies proving the 2020 Election was stolen. They will do this by–

Obama hosted Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi at the White House in April 2015.

🔹Keeping the names and news of Italian General Claudio Graziano and Secret Agent Stefano Serafini away from public knowledge, especially regarding their activities on the second floor of the US Embassy in Rome during the 2020 American Election.

🔹Preventing Americans from learning about how votes were sent from an Italian military satellite operated by Leonardo (defense and intelligence organization) via hacking Dominion’s servers throughout the US during 2020 elections.

Galileo satellite used to hack 2020 Election

🔹Hiding what has been confirmed, especially by Arturo D’Elia, a former Leonardo consultant, who in a sworn testimony admitted his role in the hacking scheme. D’Elia revealed that he acted under the instructions of US embassy personnel in Rome.

D’Elia also confirmed that 14 pallets of Barack Obama/Iran Joint Comprehensive Plan for Action cash– $400 million–was laundered via Dubai and sent to Italy (using the Vatican Bank). Note: Some evidence implies some of these funds went to a Merrill-Lynch account in Switzerland.

This was to pay off Leonardo for use of their satellites to upload the illegal votes to America.

🔹Protecting William J. Lynn III, CEO of Leonardo DRS, a U.S. subsidiary of Leonardo (with approximately $2 billion in revenue). They do not want you to know Lynn served under the Obama/Biden administration as Deputy Secretary of Defense and led the Department’s efforts in cyber security and space strategy.

🔹Not revealing the following two photos at Rome’s International Airport of two men involved in building the algorithms for the data manipulation of the 2020 US election. They were being surveilled by members of Italian intelligence after suspiciously entering into the country. (Remember these two for upcoming CleverJourneys articles).

🔹Corporate Media will sway news away from the Spygate connection to the illegal and treasonous 2020 Election. Italy played a major role in these espionage operations against President Trump between 2016 and 2021. Italian secret services, under the Renzi and Gentiloni administrations, aided their US counterpart in an attempt to falsely depict Trump as a “Russian agent”.

2. Replace Joe Biden without doing damage to Democrats.

🔹Deep State operatives in highest levels of government are currently determining what tactics to use and how much information will be released publicly in order to establish the appropriate narrative for Biden to be removed from office.

🔹”Hunter Biden is likely toast,” a reliable source told CleverJourneys.

🔹Media will concoct narrative to blame much on Biden to take away guilt of Democrats and their operatives.

3. Keep enemies of American freedoms, the Constitution and justice in power.

🔹Continue their business as usual.

4. Follow their orders from the CIA, Deptartment of Health, Department of Justice, etc.


5. Downplay and misrepresent upcoming arrests, indictments and legal actions from the John Durham investigations.

🔹Durham has much evidence, including the $400 million cash payoff from Obama as noted above.

6. Support Democrat disinformation regarding January 6, 2021, including hiding Deep State espionage and “insurrection” activities, promoting “It’s Trump’s fault” hype, and slanting Supreme Court news.

🔹Neglect Ashli Babbitt’s murder.

Popular meme, 2021

🔹Support Nancy Pelosi’s far-left Deep State version of the events.

🔹Protect Pelosi-Chuck Schumer impeachment concoctions regarding President Trump, disenfranchising of patriotic Americans and their Capitol Police schemes.

🔹Hide and downplay illegal activities caused by assorted operatives, including planted individuals, special teams, and espionage actions.

🔹Avoiding investigations and reporting of both Americans still jailed, and suspicious people released or protected.

7. Retain public fear, compliance and obedience to future planned pandemic related actions.

🔹More CDC, FDA and government manipulation and control is on the way.

8. Indoctrinating the public against new revelations on election fraud, illegal ballot handling, and voting deceptions.

🔹Combat Arizona Attorney General Brnovich arrests and indictments, including illegal activity of Secretary of State with voter disenfranchising, Runbeck Election Services ballot printing and Maricopa County election officials.

🔹Slant upcoming news regarding ItalianGate and Leonardo-Galileo satellite intrusions during previous elections in multiple state and national elections.

🔹Ignore or misrepresent true evidence. This includes illegal activities in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and many other state elections.

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  1. UK and other ” friendly ” governments in on the “steel” through the 5 eyes.

    Cia involvement cannot be fully exposed.

    Real treasonous actions by prominent media, politicians, and alphabet government

    Treason by usps. Who are the members of the board who voted to stop forensically monitoring/ digitizing the US mail starting April 2020 so there would be no paper trail

    Who wrote Bill and presented Bill authorizing the treasury to give the usps 10 billion loan April 2020. Same month usps stopped lawfully monitoring the mail

    Is the usps paying this back or did congress give them covid money for use to pay the loan back. Where did the 10 billion go?

    Who investigated the truck load of mail in ballots transported from NY to Lancaster?

    Did Bill Barr committ treason?


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