Wendy Rogers Tells It Like It Is: Freedom of Speech on Social Media

On March 20th, Twitter locked out satirical news outlet The Babylon Bee for joking about Rachel Levine for being the “Man of the Year.”

Republican Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers was among those to call out the nonsense being perpetuated by Twitter, writing “Now they are censoring satire.”

In a post captioned with “The Babylon Bee’s Man Of The Year Is Rachel Levine,” Twitter was apparently offended by the obvious jab at how the biologically male Levine, Joe Biden’s token transgender liberal assistant Secretary of Health, had received “Woman of the Year” from USA Today earlier in March.

Rogers followed up her tweet with these observations:


Facebook – what you say in college but still get an A from your liberal professor.

Twitter – what you say in high school but still get an A from your gender-confused professor.

Telegram – what you say as long as any intelligence agencies don’t disagree with you.

GETTR – what you say unless Kevin McCarthy tells Jason Miller to ban someone.

Truth Social – what you say at a Trump rally.

Gab – what you can say after 5 beers and you are given a microphone which is pretty much no filter and maximum freedom of speech, even though there may be real world consequences.”


Of course, far left mainstream media, including CNN, has been a continuing critic of satirical freedom of speech.

“The Arizona Audit exposed widespread irregularities and fraud in the 2020 election that exceeded the difference in votes,” Rogers, a supporter of election integrity and often the subject of censorship, said recently.

Hal and Wendy Rogers with President Trump

“We need to secure our elections, including by returning to paper ballots, cleaning the voter rolls, and banning ballot drop boxes.”


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  1. The Insanity of Modern Medicine.

    Thinking someone waxed eloquent on the concept of a corpulent United States Assistant Secretary for Health, I searched the internet, finding this:

    “”“Obesity” is commonly regarded as a disease. The term is derived from the Latin obesus “having eaten until fat” (from ob- “away, completely” + esus past participle of edere “eat”). As this word origin suggests, “obesity” is widely considered as a controllable condition, and its cause is often attributed to a lack of willpower or discipline (Sikorski et al., 2012). Recent clinical data, however, clearly contradict the prejudice of weak will, since children and adults with high body mass index (BMI) display a stronger cognitive control over eating behavior than all others (Timko and Perone, 2005; de Lauzon-Guillain et al., 2006; Snoek et al., 2008; Gallant et al., 2010). Moreover, with upcoming new epidemiological data the question arises whether a high BMI is unhealthy at all (Flegal et al., 2013).””

    The above was published on the NIH, and is as ludicrous as Rachael Levine being corpulent, but being in charge of national health issues. Clearly the Lunatics are running the Asylum, and Rachael Levine is at the helm. Blood Pressure will attest to the harm of excess BMI, Diabetes will testify to the harm of excess BMI, Life Expectancy will testify to the harm of Excess BMI. Though there are always exceptions to the rule, thin people with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and that die prematurely, yet overall High BMI is a health issue. High BMI is not healthy.

    Rachael Levine is a freak. I’m in Pennsylvania, she was our Secretary of Health. Rachael Levine, under our Governor Tom Wolf, took her 90+ year old mother out of a Nursing Home before, or concurrent with, an order placing covid infected patients in Nursing Homes, assuring that the death rate from covid skyrocketed for likely for the purpose of manipulating the economy and election. Did I say that Rachel Levine is a FREAK.

    No Medical Advise given, but I’m not a Doctor, the name is a Character in a 2001 Movie, and I’ve used it for years.

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