Readers Sound Off On Zuckerberg, Facebook, Meta Loses

There were scores of responses regarding our article on Mark Zuckerberg–who is not only marred by his substantial monetary contributions to the corruption of the November 2020 elections–but being Meta’s (Facebook) largest individual shareholder, where he lost over $30 billion in just one day.

Here are some of the comments we fielded over various social media sites (Gab, Gettr, Twitter, etc.):

“Too bad so many business hitched their wagon to Fakebook. They are going to lose, big time, if they don’t rethink their associations. There are better ways to advertise, utilizing entities with a proven moral compass, which, I think we all can agree, is sorely needed during so much chaos and darkness. Perhaps all this evil being revealed will facilitate the greatest Altar Call in human history. Praying so.” –BoydsGirl

“He thinks he is God.” –Steven_USAF

“It just isn’t all that friendly anymore.” –TrabSeyn

“Why doesn’t a class action lawsuit start against Facebook and Twitter for killing thousands of people by falsely telling people at risk for COVID that masks work. These two groups silenced people who tried to warn people masks don’t work. Now the CDC says as much. How many of thousands of people got sick or died because Facebook and Twitter censored people who tried to warn people that masks didn’t work. Facebook and Twitter falsely endorsed masks as effective against COVID while silencing those who tried to warn those at risk masks don’t work! Can someone that owns a law firm take this fight to them? Please repost!” –Kevinbu7822

“what took everyone so long. F!!! fakebook or falsebook or farcebook” –Bcoco

“Well …Bye” –David Wagner

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha now we need to get the hold outs off the platform. Too many moms and pops around the world using it because they want to ‘Stay in touch with family and friends’ Ugh what a pathetic excuse, guess they have all forgotten how they stayed in contact before facistbook.” –Corndog GF Baker

“I hope lizard boy Zuckerberg winds up in the streets homeless.” –A Long Life

“These are pretty small drops in users. They will hardly affect them.
need to get a lot more to do real damage. I would love to see Meta disappear.” –K. Kightly

“I hope the scumbag loses everything, then stands trial for treason.” –Mark the Hammer

“We need to make that a billion with a B.” –Walter Kurtz

“Good!! People like this don’t belong in business. Especially monitoring all your personal business that can be used against you later in his blackmail scheme. If he goes down best believe he won’t want to do it alone!!” –ChaChaMalaChaCha

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  1. This is from the BBC:

    In Hebrew, *Meta* means *Dead*
    The Jewish community will ridicule this name for years to come.

    — Nirit Weiss-Blatt, PhD October 28, 2021

    Meta, is one so ignorant to not have discovered this fact before its use, or has it been chosen specifically for this reason? Anymore, I tend to think the latter.

    Zuckerberg and Whitmer (Governor of Michigan) are both people that make me feel uneasy even seeing them, neither seems human in the common sense of the word.

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  2. It’s amazing that a Jewish guy would replicate Nazi Germany in so many ways. Too much money and power equal total corruption. It’s not just a saying, it’s fact with more than enough history to back it up. Zucker was nothing but a socially ignorant pimple-faced dweeb when he started Facebook. He was the poster child for a code-writing Raman noodle-eating punk-ass sitting around his apartment with a keyboard and a slow computer. We have to give the boy a clap or two for coming up with such an idea, and it would have been wonderful if it hadn’t morphed into what it is today. I rarely check my FB page. I’ve been sent to prison so many times, blocked, ridiculed, and downright attacked by people I have known for 50 plus years, so I divorced myself from the platform. Lately, I have noticed WordPress has started to look a bit like FB. Post missing and people on the attack. Blogging is free speech of course, but folks can still bark and howl about things you write, it comes with the territory. Let’s hope WP keeps it free speech. I still think Zucker is an alien from another galaxy. As always Jack, great stuff.

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    • Zuckit has been sued twice by the same people and he paid multi-millions each time because he stole the idea for FB from them. How’s that for some trivia?
      Same here about being FB incarcerated numerous times. I’m on it for a few minutes about every 10 days. That is far more than I watch TV (Andy Griffith or Gunsmoke if I’m in a hotel and it’s raining—perhaps 6 or 8 hrs a year. My life is so much better. I did watch the election returns & a couple of days afterwards in November 2020. I don’t trust mainstream media–not even an inch. Can’t even tell you what TV shows or on anymore. Avoiding it is a wonderful way to spend my time.

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