Poll: Conservatives Overwhelmingly Want Trump as Next President

Only 1 Percent Choose Pence

The annual straw poll conducted at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Sunday, February 27, 2020 indicated former President Donald J. Trump by far the top pick in the 2024 presidential primary. 59 percent of respondents said they would vote for Trump.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Was a distant second, at 28 percent, in the same survey.

The poll is conducted every year at CPAC by secret ballot. No other candidates came remotely close to Trump and DeSantis; no other candidate made it to five percent.

The three most important issues for CPAC attendees were:

1. Election integrity (49 percent),

2. Immigration/border wall (48 percent)

3. Constitutional rights (43 percent).

Those polled also show an extreme concern for President Joe Biden.

A solid 99 percent disapprove of Joe Biden’s White House performance, indicating his “competence” is the greatest threat to America’s safety and national security.

The most concerning greatest threats to America, according to the survey are:

🔹Biden’s “competence” (61%)

🔹China (35%)

🔹Russia (3 percent)

Former Secretary of state Mike Pompeo was the third choice for the primary with just 2 percent.

In a poll without Trump as a 2024 option, support for DeSantis rose to 61 percent. Pompeo’s percentage increased to 6 percent, which is the same percentage Donald Trump Jr. received.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and former South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem each received 3 percent of the vote. Former Vice President Mike Pence received 1 percent of the vote.


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  1. Good prospects.

    Donald must win the midterm elections and the Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives lose their influence, then he can become president early, which would be absolutely necessary in view of the current war situation.

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  2. I agree with Linda, Jack! I’m hoping for a HUUUUGE red wave in November! And from the way things are looking, that’s so likely to happen! After the red wave, it should be a cinch to get Trump back in the White House!

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