Massachusetts Orders Hospitals to Reduce Procedures Due to Workforce Shortages

Yet, The State Leads Country in Highest Percentage of Population COVID Vaccinated

Massachusetts, the leading state (tied with Vermont) in the country in percentage of population that are vaccinated, is ordering hospitals with limited capacity to reduce elective procedures amid workforce shortages.

Massachusetts citizens rally against forced mandates.

Of the 740 total hospitalizations of patients diagnosed with COVID-19, 273 (37%) are fully vaccinated, according to the state Department of Public Health.

In Massachusetts, 5,843,748 people or 84% of the state has received at least one dose of an experimental “vaccine.” Overall, 4,880,326 people or 70% of the state’s population has been fully vaccinated.

Effective Nov. 29, hospitals with limited capacity must “begin to reduce non-essential, non-urgent scheduled procedures to ensure adequate hospital capacity for immediate healthcare needs,” according to a statement from Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration and the Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association.


This guidance, which will not affect urgent and essential procedures, was developed in response to several challenges affecting hospitals.

The governor’s administration and the state hospital association said a critical staffing shortage contributed to the loss of about 500 medical/surgical and intensive care unit hospital beds across the state.

Hospitals are also grappling with capacity pressures due to the workforce shortages and longer than average hospital stays, which “require this concerted effort to preserve inpatient capacity” for patients, they said.

Despite the highest percentage of population being “vaccinated” for the Chinese COVID Virus, daily COVID-19 hospitalizations in Massachusetts have risen 45 percent over the last two weeks, according to data last updated Nov. 23 and tracked by The New York Times.

In October, several law enforcement unions — the State Police Association of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Correction Officers Federated Union — lodged lawsuits in state or federal court in an attempt to block the requirements to force vaccinations.

Governor Baker has spent most of his adult life in the healthcare business and considered a strong proponent for the industry.

🔹In 1991, he became Massachusetts Undersecretary of Health and Human Services under Governor Bill Weld.

🔹In 1992, he was appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services of Massachusetts.

🔹After working in government for eight years, Baker left to become CEO of Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates.

🔹Before going back into politics, he became CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, a nonprofit health benefits company. 


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  1. Charlie Baker has been a nightmare during Covid. Check out how many elderly he is responsible for killing by shoving them into nursing homes at the beginning. Listen to Howie Carr. Half my family live in Massachusetts, and they do whatever they are told, like good sheep of the state; very intelligent people, too, but they can’t see past what they hear in the media; they trust authority without question, I guess. It must make them feel safe; Most of Massachusetts has been like that, but it looks like there are people there waking up, finally. I hope the place where the Revolution was so strong will turn back to Christ, now, and shake off it’s chains.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes. exactly. I think a quarter of the Massachusetts population has moved to New Hampshire, without understanding what the problem was, except for breathing space. I’m one of the migrants, but without a Massachusetts mindset. I think probably New Hampshire has managed to hold on to some of it’s basic values, but is sorely hampered by all the infiltration and indoctrination that’s gone on, and we’ve got a battle on our hands to take it back. By the way, one of my sisters went to college in Austin, found her husband there, and named their son Austin. Guess what side of the political spectrum they are on? I do not think they really understand, though, they are just programmed to live for safety, like so many others. Live Free Or Die!

    Liked by 1 person

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