If The Media Was Fair All of This Would Have Never Happened

A recently-unearthed FOIA request reveals that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was on the payroll of an Israeli-based spy company between posts in the Obama administration and the Biden administration.

They repeat the false news over and over again so more sheep will eventually believe it.
A regular media tactic: Report the lie so that it spreads. The truth is released after it’s too late.
…and again.


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  1. In that meme about No World Leaders wearing masks at the G20 Group photo. I see at least 18, possibly 19 faces sporting a mask. A minority, but not Zero. You know masks don’t work, I know masks don’t work. But for pity’s sake, we need to be more accurate. Are the world’s “leaders” a bunch of power hungry, anti-Life (for the masses) lying, hypocritical, elitists? Absolutely, but we do ourselves no favors when we recycle objectively incorrect claims of their lies and hypocrisies.
    Just sayin.


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