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Vaccine Remorse Grows as New Data and Research Confirms Serious Dangers

Researchers from the Delphi Group at Carnegie Mellon University discovered that 20.5% of medical assistants, emergency medical technicians and home health, nursing, psychiatric or personal-care aides, were personally opposed to COVID vaccination.

These researchers, for the past 19 months, collected over 70 million unique predictions of the short-term trajectory of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the US at the state and county level.

As those in the medical industry experienced and learned more about COVID and how governments are reacting to it, they gained more intelligence–some to the degree they wished they had not been inoculated.

🔹A follow up study revealed out of that group, 23.4% of those who took the experimental vaccines now wished they had not.

🔹24.1% said if they had to make the decision all over again, they would elect not to be injected.

In totality, this means at least half of medical workers have not now, or would not then, receive the experimental vaccines.

The now famous Sorensen/Zelenko Vaccine Death Report has become a real enemy of Big Pharma, corrupt governments and questionable medical practices.

🔹Their released documents provide evidence that millions (not thousands) have died from the vaccine and/or suffered horrific disabling vaccine injuries.

🔹They quantified that VAERS databases at CDC and EudraVigilance and MHRA UK (and the WHO’s VigiAccess) only comprise less than 5% of the true occurrences.

🔹This was also shared by statistical analysts in the Harvard Pilgrim Study.

🔹It is widely known by physicians and nurses that adverse vaccine reactions are simply not recorded, acknowledged, or reported by many hospitals, clinics, and doctors because the political hold of vaccines (ensured by Big Pharma via lobbying and propaganda) is still entrenched, and because doctors don’t wish to accept liability for harm.

What Brave Medical Professionals Are Saying

🔹Dr. Rochagné Kilian, who works in the emergency room of a hospital in Owen Sound, Ontario, said around eighty percent of the patients she was seeing in the ER were “double-vaxxed.”

“How many people are we going to kill if we keep following this narrative?” she asked.

🔹Dr. Mollie James, a recently resigned ICU doctor, said she left her position in protest against the vaccine mandates.

“I’m pushing back because hospitals have an absolute commitment to follow the data,” she told Realclearpolitics.

“Ignoring natural immunity in a vaccine discussion is just criminal,” Dr. James continued. “A lot of people who are opposed to the mandates, or who aren’t interested in a vaccine, are in my situation where we got sick taking care of patients.”

“We have natural immunity which has been shown to be broad and enduring – actually, that has put us at a higher risk for having the vaccine,” she noted. “I took care of a patient who had an infection. He waited the 90 days which is recommended to get the vaccine, and he showed up in my ICU 24 hours later with a cardiac arrest.”

“So I have personally seen the implications of having a vaccine after a natural infection and I’m just not interested in that.”

🔹John Matland, a New York, CAT-scan technologist, worked with coronavirus patients for months during the hardest days of the epidemic.

“I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’ve had the flu shot,” he told the National Review. “For me, it’s specifically the darkness and the silence around the information that’s emerging about these vaccines, and the way that it’s not discussed – not in the media, and not by some doctors.”

If the vaccine is so important why do our government leaders and illegal aliens not have to take it?


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