Heartbreaking COVID-19 Experimental ‘Vaccine’ Events

Every human must know the horrible truths being conceal by media

“My mom appears to be having effects but she won’t admit they have anything to do with the vaccine,” Lee writes. “Both my parents got the boosters and they couldn’t go out on their 55th wedding anniversary after the boosters because they were ‘knocked for a loop’.”

“I gave them ALL the information and basically begged them not to,” she noted. “I don’t say anything anymore because there is no point, they can’t hear me, but it is TERRIBLE. They have my dad so terrified he wears a frigging N95 mask in the house even though there are not any ‘cases’ in the county right now.”

“They sit and watch t.v. all day.” she continued. “The people who have done this have some SERIOUS karma to burn and it won’t be excused because they ‘made it obvious’. Truly EVIL. My husband’s coworkers daughter died (she was disabled and in a care home) right after the vaccine and two of his co-workers had heart attacks. It is everywhere. It is unreal it has not fully outed yet.”

These are real people describing actual events regarding the experimental vaccines and pandemic.

Minnesota on Tuesday reported a COVID-19 test positivity rate of 8.3% that is the highest in the vaccine era and a level of hospitalizations that hasn’t been seen since the first shots against the coronavirus were administered in mid-December. 99% of all current COVID patients are those who have been vaccinated.

“My mom had a seizure/stroke or stroke/seizure 2 weeks after her 1st Pfizer shot in February. It was horrible,” Rose wrote. “A neurosurgeon thought she’d had a stroke (2 spots in her brain); a neurologist said it was brain cancer.”

“She latched on to this diagnosis and proceded to give away a ton of kitchen stuff,” Rose explained. “She finally was going to have a brain biopsy to once and for all see what this was–and lo and behold, this MRI (#4 or 5 since the Feb incident) showed next to no damage in her brain. So, the diagnosis became a stroke/seizure.”

“She’s on Keppra for seizures, even though she never had another one–thanks, Big Pharma drug companies,” she observed. “Sadly, she doesn’t seem to want to definitively say that the shot caused the stroke/seizure. She’s put off deciding as to getting vaccinated or not until the new year–she says she just doesn’t want to be excluded from things and people.”

“Both she and my dad also only listen to and read mainstream media crap. She also has 2 retired nursing friends who keep urging her to get vaccinated.”

“I feel like I’m bashing my head against the wall to try to at least get her to look at other news sources. The Powers That Be are filled with evil. What they’ve done to all of us with this entire politicized mess is a Crime against Humanity.”

Dr. Patricia Lee, a licensed physician in California, said her experience with patients harmed by the vaccine “does not comport with claims made by federal health authorities regarding the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.”

In a letter to CDC, Lee described observing “entirely healthy individuals suffering serious, often fatal, injuries,” including transverse myelitis, resulting in quadriplegia, pneumocystis pneumonia, multi-system organ failure, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, postpartum hemorrhagic shock and septic shock.

Lee, a practicing physician for more than 20 years, said she “never witnessed so many vaccine-related injuries until this year.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Monday, October 11, 2021 took to the podium on Capitol Hill to criticize the media and Dr. Anthony Fauci for spreading mistruths about COVID, and for their role in causing unnecessary deaths by politicizing the science around COVID vaccines and treatments.

“We’ve got Dr. Fauci spreading mistruths across the country, saying we’ve got to forcibly vaccinate the kids,” Paul said. “There’s no science behind any of that.”

Paul accused CNN and others of misleading the public on a host of COVID-related of issues, including the need to vaccinate children:

“For example, the one truth you won’t be told is an 85-year-old has a 10,000 times greater chance of dying [from COVID] than a 10-year-old. Now you think we should treat them the same. If you were their doctor, do you think a 10-year-old should get the same healthcare and the same prescriptions for what they need to do as an 85-year-old? Makes no sense at all.”

Today it’s 1 in 61.


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    • I totally agree with you 100%!!!
      Everyone in my family has been vaccinated (and are proud). My daughter had a reaction 13 years ago and I learned everything that is now coming to light about pharmaceuticals and their vicious cycle of lies… I begged them all to wait. If you don’t believe me just wait until you learn what’s in them and how it will effect you. Seems reasonable and logical… right? NONE OF THEM LISTENED!!! I have a pretty big family and it totally breaks my heart. I cry/pray for them (and all the other sheep) everyday!!!😢 so sad that so many are oblivious and the ones that are waking up are only doing so because of what they have experienced personally. I pray that there is a cure tucked away in a corner somewhere yet to be discovered. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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