Pfizer and Moderna Failed to Follow Up With FDA on Children’s Deaths From Jabs

Pfizer and Moderna did not bother to follow up with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to obtain information regarding reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) of children dying after receiving their COVID-19 vaccine this month.

At an ACIP meeting in April, the Chief Medical Officer for one of the authorized companies for COVID-19 vaccines said that the only way for the company to follow up on reports of serious adverse events reported to VAERS is through a request made pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  VAERS is co-administered by the CDC and FDA.

Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) set out to confirm that Pfizer and Moderna followed up on VAERS reports of children dying after receiving one of their COVID-19 vaccines.  

ICAN attorneys, submitted a FOIA request to the FDA for documents produced or transmitted to Pfizer and Moderna concerning VAERS reports of children dying after receiving one of their COVID-19 vaccines.

The FDA responded to ICAN’s request and stated:

After a thorough and diligent investigation, a search of our records did not locate any FOIA requests where any of the VAERS reports listed in your FOIA request were sent to vaccine manufacturers under the FOIA.

After ICAN’s attorneys followed up with the FDA regarding this response, the FDA again confirmed in an email that it did not provide any documents to Pfizer or Moderna concerning any of the listed VAERS reports of children dying after receiving one of their COVID-19 vaccines.

“It is troubling that Pfizer and Moderna do not even bother to investigate VAERS reports of children dying following receipt of their COVID-19 vaccine products,” ICAN stated. “Then again, since they cannot be held financially liable for any of these injuries, there is only a financial downside for these companies to investigate these deaths.  This moral hazard could explain why they cover their eyes and ears to these serious adverse reactions.”


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