Social Media CEO Says No to Germany’s Censorship

Special Message to Our American Readers From Europe

Governments today are obeying the New World Order plan of censorship across the globe.

It’s bad enough with socialist media–Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Obvious facts are proving truth and facts don’t matter to them.

Tainted leaders and their operatives are using Dark Money to force and shield their citizens from certain historical facts that they deem shameful.

A prime example of this is the Chinese Tiananmen Square incident. While this might not be as surprising coming from China, countries such as Australia or in the EU like Germany also have infiltrated towsrds censorship.

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Linda Levante, a regular reader of our site and fellow blogger from Germany, has requested we share the following information from both Gab and GermanMediaWatch.

Levante emphasized “it is also of interest for the Americans” and without GermanMediaWatch, many of that country’s citizens would only have access to government propaganda.

“Without them I would only have random readers,” she noted.

“GermanMediaWatch might not mean that much to you, but you’ve been to their site before,” she said. “They posted the following today:”

“You can find the original text here:

The contents of this information is from the CEO of Gab, one of our favorite social media sites that has never censored us yet. CleverJourneys has over 8,000 readers from Gab alone.

This week we received a huge packet of documents with fines and legal threats from the nation state of Germany. Gab is refusing, and has refused for many years, to comply with the German Network Enforcement Act. Gab is a US company and as such we are under zero obligation to obey foreign laws from tyrannical governments.

For those unfamiliar, the Network Enforcement Act is a draconian German law aimed at combatting “fake news” on social networking websites. “Fake news” is of course, whatever the German Government says it is.


For example this week Facebook deleted 150 accounts belonging to an anti-lockdown movement in Germany, likely at the behest of the German government under the Network Enforcement Act.

Because of Gab’s unwillingness to participate in State-mandated censorship of free speech, the German government is now coming after our bootstrapped tech startup with heavy fines and other legal action.

Gab is not a lawless website. We work diligently to stop and prevent illegal activity from taking place on our platform. We have great relationships with many foreign countries who understand and respect our position on free speech and appreciate our zero tolerance for criminal activity. The German government isn’t concerned about any actual criminal activity, they are concerned with Thought Criminals who dare to dissent against their globalist regime.

German protesters

According to our legal team, who has been working with us on this issue for several months, we have three choices.

1) Obey German censorship laws and start censoring content that the German Government doesn’t like (this is not going to happen)

2) Disobey German censorship laws and pick a fight with the nation state of Germany (I likely wouldn’t ever be able to leave the US again, they would come at us from every possible angle through state-sponsored deplatforming, heavy fines, they would possibly leverage contacts in the Biden Admin to come after Gab in other ways, and Lord knows what else.)

3) Temporarily stop providing this service in Germany by blocking German IPs.

I hate everything about these choices, which is why we went public with this information to gather feedback and consensus from our community on the topic.

The overwhelming majority of people have been very supportive of the third option. Our lawyers are suggesting this option. Our community is suggesting this option. I’ve had many people email me and reach out privately to say that this is our best course of action. We seem to have a consensus.

Yet it doesn’t sit right with me.

Ultimately as the CEO of Gab I alone need to make this decision. These are the types of decisions that define a man and make history. If we block German IPs to appease the German government that sets a precedent that other countries will want to follow. We are not IP blocking ourselves into a corner here. If the German government wants to stop German IPs from accessing Gab they can block us themselves.

Why should we block an entire country from accessing Gab because their government is sending us fines we won’t pay and veiled legal threats that mean nothing to Gab as a US corporation? I won’t be able to travel to Europe anyway because I’m not getting injected with an experimental substance. On the bright side I now have a huge stack of kindling paper for my wood stove this winter.

The reality is the German government has zero authority or jurisdiction over how we operate Gab. We have no corporate entity in Germany, we have no employees in Germany, and we are not German citizens. We are Americans.

In America you play by our rules, we don’t play by yours. Germany is a guest in our community and they will respect our values and way of doing things, not the other way around. I have nothing but love for the German people and they too deserve the fundamental human right to speak freely on the internet.

Our mission is to defend free speech online for all people, everywhere. Including in Germany. We will continue to do that, regardless of any threats from foreign governments. If we bow to Germany today, what’s to stop us from bowing to literal tyrants, such as those in Russia (like Google and Apple did just last week) or China (as Apple has done for years)?

In matters pertaining to serious crime, German police forces already know how to reach us, as indeed they have done many times in the past. We will continue to respond to those requests and provide prompt assistance to those police forces on a voluntary basis. What we will not do is restrict access to, or remove, content which is legal in the United States on or from servers in the United States.

As I write this today is the day the American Constitution was signed over 234 years ago. We must stand up now to defend it and fight for the freedoms enshrined in it, which come from God, for all nations.

I’m not sure what will come of this decision, but I will not make an important choice like this from a position of fear. I leave the outcomes of this decision in the hands of God Almighty and I pray that the German people will take back their country and freedoms very soon.

Until then: wir werden nicht nachgeben, “Nuts!”. (we will not comply, Nuts!)

Andrew Torba
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  1. And thank you for posting, Texas Jack! It amazes me how other countries think they have the jurisdiction to go after American companies and people. And, by the way, many years back, FB even tried to censor my posts about bullying and back then there was no politics in my posts. I didn’t understand it at first. Now I know why they were threatened by me spreading the word on ways to take your power back! 😂🤣😂🤣

    Liked by 4 people

          • Hahaha! You bet it is! I’ve been in FB jail more than I can count! I’m surprised they haven’t shut down my account. But if they do it wouldn’t hurt my feelings any. I’m on Gab, Parler, Gettr, Bitchute, ChatDit, and Rumble! And I post on them more than I do FB. 😂🤣😁😜

            Liked by 2 people

              • It works now because I’ve been on it a couple times during the past two weeks. And that’s awesome that you have so many followers on different platforms. How do you get so many followers Jack? What’s your secret?

                Liked by 1 person

              • Most likely the same as you. I work hard replying, commenting & corresponding on the various social media.
                Most likely, I brought many readers with me from my old days of writing for Examiner, AXS Entertainment, The Rowdy, News Legit (all defunct) since 2009.

                I try not to cover hard news, although my best sources trust & rely on me in that arena.
                I try to be diverse and sprinkle entertainment, health, travel, tips, etc to reach a broader audience.

                My background in investigations, facilities executive, entertainment and journalism has spanned from the the late 1970s, so that has helped immensely.

                I also do like you do & manage my time wisely. Sometimes I may write 7 to 10 articles in a day but not release them for later. On days I’m not writing, I’m interviewing & researching.
                I also re-release or rewrite my existing work.

                As far as social media, I study best days, time of days, etc to release specific kinds of articles. For instance, moms are available during school hours, commuting times to & from work are slow. I write for the night owls and early morning risers.
                I am cognizant of the time zones: articles pertaining to Georgia or Florida I get out earlier. California, Arizona are later.

                If it’s police related, early morning or closer to evening. Military the same, but noon is good too.

                Lunch time is peak for those in medical field. Teachers, evening. Entertainment, mid-day & later evening. Things like that.

                Since your topic is bullying, what works for me, may not for you.

                Liked by 2 people

              • Thank you so much, Jack. This really helped a lot. I think the moms and teachers would be interested in the bullying! I find I get my best clicks from 4am to 2pm. After 2, they slow down a bit. 😁😊

                Liked by 1 person

              • I don’t rely on other bloggers, but I do keep up with many by reading & commenting.

                Also, I tend to get a good deal of traffic from other news sites, and a few bloggers who link to my articles. I don’t tend to like it when someone copies and pastes my work & puts it on their site after I did all the work.

                I don’t mind them starting with a paragraph or two & then linking to me. If they do the entire article as their own, I “defriend” them after corresponding sometimes.

                Liked by 1 person

              • I don’t blame you there, Jack. I wouldn’t like that either. Sometimes I reblog others articles if I like them and it relates to bullying, abuse, or self-care and confidence. But I make sure to ask permission first and if I get permission. I make doggonrle sure to give recognition to the rightful blogger that way there’s no mistaking that the post isn’t mine.

                Liked by 1 person

              • I wish you much success with it, Jack. You keep everyone informed and really hook your readers! We can definitely tell you are a retired journalist because you make it interesting! 🙂

                Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nice and well done in your special way. Many, many Thanks to Texas Jack. I will tell it to my friend from GermanMediaWatch. And I’m sure that Donald or one from his army, I am part of it, will read this too.


  3. Reblogged this on Lindas Einblick and commented:
    Ein amerikanischer Freund von mir “Texas Jack”, hat freundlicherweise einen meiner Beiträge bzw. den von GermanMediaWatch verarbeitet und dafür will ich mich bei Ihm ganz besonders bedanken. Thanks to Texas Jack. Make America Great again, again. Greetings from Germany Your linda.

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