Top Photos Recently Posted by Patriotic Actor James Woods

Woods is reported to have scored an outstanding 1579 in SAT, getting the maximum score of 800 in reading and 779 in Math. His IQ is 160+.

Any person with an IQ higher than 160 is considered an “extraordinary genius.” Albert Einstein, one of the greatest physicists in history, had an IQ of 160. 

In an age of strange and wicked Hollywood, Woods manages to maintain his intelligence, friendly demeanor and American patriotism. From his Twitter page, here are a dozen recent photos he posted, with some of his commentary.

James Woods on Twitter, Fall 2021

“Ironically these are among the greatest books in modern literature,” Woods wrote. “Most of them have one thing in common: they warn about the dangers of tyranny or censorship.”

“I went out in 14th place out of 253 entires. Prize was $6,579. I hoped to win it, of course, but a nice cash nonetheless. #WSOP

Maskless Mr. Woods

“Meanwhile back when life was full of innocent fun and long summer days of laughter and camaraderie.” (Second from left in front row)

“We owe so much to this giant of a man.”

“Everybody’s income tax also = $0? Party!!!!”


“In one of America’s darkest hours, this glorious banner offered hope to the hurting and honor to the brave. I will ALWAYS stand for this Flag as long as God gives me strength.”


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