Is Socialism Viewed Less Favorably by College Students Now That Biden Has Mucked Things Up?

Before the 2020 Presidential Election, 10,590 undergraduate U.S. college students were polled to determine their stance on socialism.


The poll by College Pulse, a survey and data analytics company, found socialism was not favored by the overall majority of students between April and June of 2020.

Only 39 percent of the students polled had a favorable view of socialism, and the same percentage responded that they had an unfavorable view.

Today, after nine months of Joe Biden being the resident in the White House, that dynamic appears to be shifting. Currently, only 34 percent have a positive view of socialism. The unfavorable view of socialism has increased to 44 percent.

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When respondents were broken out by major, views of capitalism shifted considerably in 2020.

Philosophy majors viewed socialism positively, with 78 percent of those polled saying they had at least a somewhat favorable view of it.

Other majors viewing socialism somewhat favorable in 2020 were:

🔹Anthropology majors were at 64 percent.

🔹English majors were 58 percent.

🔹International relations were 57 percent.

🔹Sociology were 57 percent.

🔹Music majors were 57 percent.

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Least likely to view socialism favorably were:

🔹Accounting Majors, only 20 percent.

🔹Finance majors at 22 percent.

Interesting is the fact that there are far more opportunities for employment in Accounting and Finance than the demands for Philosophy, Anthropology, English, International Relations, Sociology and Music degreed graduates.


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