Bush, Clinton Use Same Globalist Talking Points in Recent Speeches

Where are these people getting their talking points from? Expect mainstream media to follow this up as their new mantra.

“We have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders but from violence that gathers within…” –George W. Bush

“We have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders but from violence that gathers within…” –Hillary Clinton

Verbatim matches. What are they setting us up for?

🔹Neither mentions the rioting, burning and looting by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.

🔹 Both appeared with no concerns of jihadist sympathizers, traitors and shills for the New World Order (NWO) in the White House, the US Military and throughout every branch of the US Government.

“They aren’t afraid,” one observer posted. “They are building a story for events that they will ensure take place, and this will then help them introduce the solution to fixing it. They did the same with pandemics, global warming, and Muslim terrorists over the last 50 years. Voice concern, ensure problem occurs and causes pain, provide solution to a public that screams to be protected from problem occurring again.”

“They aren’t talking about enemies of America, they’re talking about enemies of their agenda to depopulate and enslave America,” another patriot chimed in.

“The CIA are going to push the agenda that the Republican people are the terrorists,” still another said. “We certainly know that is what the DNC Cult have been pushing since the Clinton deplorable speech. Reverse psychology used by their propaganda army’s are in full swing, the CIA will soon bring the visuals as usual.”

“Considering they just brought a bunch of un-vetted people from Afghanistan into the interior of our nation, there is zero doubt in my mind there is an increasing ‘violence that gathers within’. Sure he meant patriots…but we know they brought these people in to do harm to this nation on purpose — to cause chaos and bloody conflicts — no doubt in my mind. I never forget: ‘some people did something’.”

“DO NOT ATTEND ANY RALLIES that’s in DC,” warned the first patriot. “Sept 18 is an obvious false flag because the MSM (Mainstream Media) and corrupt politicians like these people are the only ones pushing this narrative.”

“Think about how they’re treating the Jan 6 prisoners,” she continued. They’re looking for new prisoners to make trump supporters/patriots look like violent people by having Antifa/BLM/FBI informants dress like trump supporters. They’re trying to bait you to come to DC and we don’t need anymore innocent people getting arrested and/or killed. Stay vigilant, be smart, do not fall for it, and tell any patriots you know not to fall for it.”


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  1. The last picture:
    WHAT A SHAM! Like ANY of them have ANY respect for life, the military, or even the history of this country??!!
    It took an incredible amount of gall to show up for this.
    Biden’s photo op cost 13 lives, all of whom had more honor in their short lives than that treasonous stuffed-shirt dinosaur has ever had in any two minutes of his entire life.

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  2. The mistake most people make is that they persist in thinking these Leftists are only misguided, and don’t really understand the damage they are doing to the country. Oh yes, they do. This has all been very deliberate, to destroy the people’s strength so they can take over.

    Liked by 3 people

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