Nevada Workers and Students Are Walking Out Sept 7th Against Corrupt Officals and Mandates

All eyes across the nation will be on Nevada, Tuesday, September 7, 2021 as statewide protests and walkouts are planned against:

🔹Medical hypocrisy and mandates.

🔹Schools forcing students to wear masks.

🔹Corruption and election fraud.

🔹Public mandates and restrictions.

Some groups indicate the walkout will continue until the Constitutional rights and medical freedom of citizens are returned.

Nurses, doctors, and staff are planning a protest against forced vaccinations at 5pm at St. Rose Hospital with others in the state expected to follow.

Parents will keep their children home from school to protest forced masks and vaccinations.

Other workers in other professions are also planning to call off work: police, fire, utility, manufacturing, restaurants and trucking are some of the workers planning to not show up.

There are also multiple lawsuits by National Football League’s Raider season pass holders over mandatory vaccines being implemented at Allegiant Stadium.

“Corruption and election fraud has become so rampant in Nevada that ‘elected’ officials no longer care about upholding the constitution or listening to what people want,” said the mother of two elementary school children in Henderson. “We are asking all vocations to extend their Labor Day weekend by calling out sick in solidarity by all.”


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  1. Masks and jabs are totally against everything We in America stand for . The entire Biden Administration are liars, thieves, frauds and murderers and that goes for the Entire DemonratRinoUniParty. We know that the 2020 election was stolen in Arizona for sure and many believe Nevada was a total vote fraud. Stand and Deliver America

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