Citizens Record Raffensperger Lying to Them About 2020 Georgia Ballots and Voting Fraud

“He thinks we’re stupid talking down to us the way he did.”

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger addressed a rural audience in Fitzgerald last week that was recorded by locals. The video was sent to The Georgia Record and revealed significant mistruths.

🔵In 2019, Raffensperger said he helped pass HB 316 which provides a verifiable paper ballot which then allows audits.

🔴The ballots provided are NOT VERIFIABLE according to The ballot machines only paper with a “QR code,” which is not the original ballot and not verifiable.

🔵He said HB 316 ‘outlawed’ ballot harvesting.

🔴It is true, but Rassenberger neglected to mention he fraudulently and unconstitutionally made a deal with Democrat operative Stacey Abrams which negated any progress in the bill.

This ‘consent decree’ was kept secret even from the Georgia legislature until after Nov 3, 2021.

🔵He told the group HB 316 prevented people from “driving up and down the street picking up absentee ballots.”

🔴He neglected to tell them that his consent decree allowed just that – drop boxes to be set up across the state. They were not monitored. Chain of custody documentation for over 300k ballots is missing.

🔵He discussed some of the election reform cases in Arizona where courts recently gave a favorable ruling.

🔴 He did not mention the election audit in Maricopa County showing considerable and massive fraud already in the 2020 election, even though the final report has not been released.

🔵He promised his constituents that will take the fight to the Department of Justice in their lawsuit against HB 202 (GA’s election reform bill) and push it to the Supreme Court.

🔴He sidestepped the fact that the courts refused to hear any 2020 election fraud case on the merits, preferring to dismiss on standing.

🔵He told them that HB 202 will prevent ‘out of precinct voting.’

🔴Rassenberger allowed out of precinct voting throughout Georgia in 2020.

🔵 He looked the audience in the face and told them he ‘recounted’ all 5 million ballots cast in 2020 in Georgia.

🔴He didn’t. The “recount” was a cursory one that didn’t verify ballots, but provided him a way to suggest He did in his public statements and press releases. In actuality, he fought and opposed a full forensic audit where counterfeit ballots and machine-vote-altering would be discovered.

Results of his ‘audit’ have been shown to be fraudulent with documents (tally sheets) POSTED ON THE SECRETARY OF STATE’S website.

🔵Rassenberger suggested he was going to take the ability to run elections away from Fulton County, where fraud was rampant.

🔴 He prevented examination of Dominion machines across the state in 2020. He even sent armed personnel to threaten county officials.

He also fought VoterGA to actually scan the mail-in ballots in Fulton County at the level needed to detect counterfeit ballots, even filing a deceitful amicus brief.

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