Current Resident if the White House Wanders

Wonder where wascally Joe is wandering today?

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3 thoughts on “Current Resident if the White House Wanders

  1. It’s easy to laugh at the poseur occupying the White House. But, the like street clowns that draw a crowd in, he is only a distraction for what is really going on. The muggers are about their work.

    We have compromised our freedom for convenience. We, collectively, have argued about the unfairness of Twitt and FB, etc, etc. But, we still use it yet continue to lament it is so biased. We continue to think our homes are sacrosanct, yet open the door to Gates, and Bezos and Zuckerberg and seldom think to whom or what they open their doors to.

    We are being governed and regulated by psychopaths and deviants who so loathe themselves that mutilating their bodies and souls wasn’t enough to quiet their inner demons – they are now hell bent on dismembering our nation.

    To whom do we look for protection? Certainly not the organization founded by a frock-donning fascist. Apparently, also not the elected officials that have suckled at the public teat for so long that they do nothing while the vampires suck the blood from their sleeping Mother.

    We can deceive our ourselves with thinking we can stand up to the might of an unleashed fury set against us. Unless we use the the Ultimate Weapon.

    Can we, for our country, our families and ourselves, resolve to use this weapon?
    Beginning at 9:00 p.m., in whichever time zone you may be in, pray. And then act: Do what is Right and Good, stand up for your neighbors who may need your courage and strength. But, pray, always.

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