Boycott List of Companies Opposing Texas Voter Integrity Law for Patriots

It’s obvious that the new proposed law to stop voter cheating and corruption in Texas is popular with most citizens.

But over 50 businesses and groups have come out against these laws. Below is a recap of the law that these companies (identified below) are protesting because it prohibits the following issues for the following reasons:

The new Texas law will prohibit:

Drive-through voting.

Drive-through voting violates the sanctity of the ballot box by allowing as many people in the vehicle into the ballot box.

Twenty-four hour voting.

Twenty-four-hour voting made it hard to get poll watchers and encouraged cheating.

Unrequested mail-in ballots. Unsolicited distribution of applications for early ballots and unsolicited mail-in ballots can easily be abused.

No ballot harvesting.

Because ballots can be discarded or changed after collection and because ballot harvesters can provide pressure to vote one way, ballot harvesting has been made a felony.

The new Texas law encourages:

The power of poll watchers.

Having poll watchers discourages cheating.

Purging voter rolls.

Removing dead, out-of-state, and other unqualified voters from the rolls discourages cheating.

Patriotic Texans are finished with companies like Coke and Major League Baseball who decided to bully Georgia when they passed similar voting laws. Texans are tired of the “woke” bullying that encourages censorship of Dr. Suess, Pepe la Pew, movies and books.

From a letter provided by the Wall Street Journal, Texans (and citizens across America) get this list of these companies to avoid and consider boycotting:

  1. American Airlines
  2. Microsoft
  3. HP
  4. Salesforce
  5. Unilever
  6. Etsy
  7. Patagonia
  8. REI Co-op
  9. Atlassian
  10. Sodexo
  11. Warby Parker
  12. Levi Strauss & Co
  13. GitHub
  14. Gearbox
  15. Silicon Labs
  16. Capital Factory
  17. P Terry’s
  18. Bulle Rock Capital
  19. Grayline Group
  20. Blue Sky Partners
  22. BLK
  23. Live Oak Real Estate
  24. Dochen Realtors
  25. M Group Agency
  26. Design Run Group, LLC
  27. Elizabeth Christian Public Relations LLC
  28. Inside Edge Consulting LLC
  29. JDI Inc.
  30. Notley Ventures
  31. Traffic Engineers, Inc.
  32. Tritium Partners
  33. Texas Association of AfricanAmerican Chambers of Commerce
  34. Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce
  35. Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce
  36. San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce
  37. North Texas LGBT Chamber of Commerce
  38. Texas LGBTQ Chambers of Commerce
  39. Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce
  40. Greater Houston Black Chamber of Commerce
  41. Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce
  42. Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  43. Austin Area Urban League
  44. Houston Area Urban League
  45. Texas Impact
  46. Emgage Texas
  47. Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston
  48. The Leadership Now Project
  49. Russell Reynolds Associates
  50. The Collective Academy
  51. Bryan Sanchez, real estate investor

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