Why We Should Pay Close Attention to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin

The current resident in the White House nominated the wife of Joe Manchin to a $160,000 a year post recently. Of course, with Joe Biden, just like Nancy Pelosi, if it’s government work, it’s a sure bet he will shirk his real duties in favor of behind-the-scenes politics.

The former governor and West Virginia senator hopes the nomination of his spouse Gayle Connelly Manchin as the new federal co-chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission “goes through well,” he said Monday.

In this case, Mrs. Manchin is well qualified for the job (as opposed to someone like Hunter Biden working in energy on behalf of foreign interests).

Many of Sen. Manchin’s constituents are troubled about Red State West Virginia’s #5 ranking in U.S. poverty, opioid-abuse crisis, no potable water in many communities, terrible infrastructure and lack of broadband internet. He’s catering too much to Biden they believe.

If Manchin hadn’t won reelection in 2018, when he was regarded as one of the most vulnerable Democrats, the Senate now would be 51-49 Republican. Mitch McConnell still would be majority leader, able to block anything Biden proposes, including the massive stimulus bill.

Manchin, a 73-year-old career politician, has been a key vote to pass things like the Biden $1.9 trillion “COVID-19” bill and some Cabinet selections that are destroying America.

Just under three months in office, it is obvious Biden is going for a colossal Democratic Party grab. The aim is to
take redistricting authority away from state legislatures while permanently enshrining in law ballot harvesting, same-day registration and no-fault absentee voting. They intend to nullify state voter ID laws and stack the deck in the Supreme Court to destroy Constitutional law and freedoms.

Although Manchin is an important ally for Biden, Kamala Harris is ready to cast decisive votes in the 50-50 Senate. There are two ways for Republicans to stop passage of these overreaches, as well as other Democratic pipe dreams:

1. Convince some Democrat senators to vote with them, or…

2. …Filibuster. By not supporting a change in the Senate’s filibuster rules, Biden’s entire agenda is in trouble because most issues will take 60 votes to approve, not 50.

For the most part, Manchin has now made it clear that he’ll do nothing to eliminate or weaken the filibuster, which both parties at different times respect, use and abuse.

In the meantime, he’s making mainstream media even more crazy by blocking the $15-an-hour minimum wage. He’s shown his cards by opposing the increases of corporate income tax to 28%. He bravely condemned the Biden-Pelosi infrastructure bill.

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