Two-thirds of American Voters Think Companies Should Not Take Positions on Political Issues

A new survey indicates that 66% of U.S. voters believe companies should avoid taking positions on political issues.

According to the Scott Rasmussen survey, only 8% thought it appropriate for companies to weigh in on topics related to their businesses.

Twenty-five percent (25%) believe it is better for businesses to clearly express their views on a wide variety of issues.

When asked to think about the various products and services they consume, 43% of U.S. adults say they at least somewhat know the political positions taken by the companies that provide them.

The survey found that 50% say they don’t know the political positions taken. Six percent (6%) are not sure.

The totals include 15% who say they know the political positions very well and 18% who say not at all.

There was a significant difference based on levels of political engagement. Among those who discuss politics every day or nearly every day, 71% said they know the political positions of companies whose products they consume.

Among those who rarely or never discuss politics, just 12% claim such knowledge.

Seventy-two percent (72%) of Republican and independent respondents believe businesses should avoid taking positions on political issues. So do 57% of Democratic respondents.

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  1. Off topic wacky prediction

    The US will show appreciation to China for assistance with election fraud by looking the other way when it comes to Hong Kong snd Taiwan.

    Russia knows the gig and will walk into Ukraine at the same time

    Will take place inside of 12 months and assist to distract from election fraud

    Ok, I know it is out there

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