Media Coverage For Trump and Pandemic Was 96% and 87% Negative Respectively

Second only to coverage of President Donald J. Trump, when the national U.S. media covered the COVID pandemic, 87% of the coverage was negative. Mainstream media coverage for Trump was 96%.

This study solidifies most Americans thoughts that media is biased and much of their reporting is false.

The study was initiated by Bruce Sacerdote, an economics professor at Dartmouth College. According to The New York Times, he began the study after noticing that the coverage always seemed negative. That was true even when the news was encouraging.

It turns out that the U.S. national media coverage was far more negative than other outlets.

Among international media outlets, just 51% of the coverage was negative. As for regional media coverage in the U.S., it was 53% negative. Even scientific journals provided negative coverage just 64% of the time.

Molly Cook, a co-author of the study, observed, “The most well-read U.S. media are outliers in terms of their negativity.”

6 thoughts on “Media Coverage For Trump and Pandemic Was 96% and 87% Negative Respectively

  1. Can you imagine the day when The News will be exactly that and not propaganda? I’m looking forward to someday being able to read the news and have some degree of confidence that it is factual and that opinions are confined, once again, to the editorial pages. Naive? Perhaps, but one can hope. If President Trump is successful in starting an alternative news / social media platform maybe that will be the catalyst needed for a reform of the press.

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    1. Sad, but true.I’m amazed that even classmates I studied journalism with back in the day, fiercely side with media today. Why? That’s not the way we learned it. I remember the moment I decided to counteract and began writing news a different way–not so much straight news–but actually opposing the left. They are evil.


  2. Who is the American people’s enemy?

    Is it a three Legget stool? Public service unions, The unelected alphabet government and the media?

    Look at the extortion Matt Gaetz has been living through. I’ll guarantee you just about every elected official, at least at the federal level, has a file for this very purpose within the alphabet government agencies.

    Who are the people that facilitated the election fraud? How is everybody connected?

    The unelected alphabet government supposedly works for the American people but I’m not sure that’s the case.

    Look at the pictures Wuhan China New Year’s Eve versus New York. Both supposedly had all the deaths and sickness. Both very large cities. They should’ve both been living in the same reality. Only difference between these two cities were the storytellers.

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  3. Would like to see a list of connections with public service union officials. I have never seen a dis issuing on who they are and how they influence public policy. ( other than teacher unions)

    AMA. Is this union an issue?

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    1. They were bought out pre-Obamacare. Only 13% of doctors are members. But they don’t care because income comes from being the paid overseer of mandated required codes (which change like a shell game so anyone in the business has to subscribe for updates) for charging to government programs.


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