Sniffy Joe, America’s Disgrace and ‘Groper In Chief’

Biden is far more disgusting than I imagined even a few months ago.

When I think of President George Washington, I visualize him crossing the Delaware. Presidents Andrew Jackson or Teddy Roosevelt? On a horse. Lincoln, sitting on the chair overlooking the nation’s reflection pond in front of his Memorial. Truman? Holding up a newspaper headlines. Nixon? Holding his hands up gesturing peace signs.

Millions have seen so many photos and memes or heard statements regarding the current temporary resident in the White House sniffing children and females time and time again.

But with Biden, I just can’t get the image of him sniffing hair out of my thoughts.

Nicknames such as Creepy Joe, Hiden Biden, Groping Joe, or Basement Biden abound and remain an embarrassment. Although cartoons, photos and comedian dialogues are meant to be funny and ridicule, the sad part is there are very strong indications of horrible truth behind the joke.

Although I didn’t watch Biden’s Inaguration Speech, I read aftermath comments from many saying it was so bad, they turned him off within seconds or minutes of his failed beginning.

The observations ranged from “it was the longest and most wasted time in my life,” to “Why oh why did I bother to even try to watch this disgusting man?”

The reality is, this is not a joke. It’s a national disgrace.

“Most people have seen now the image of him sniffing children on — in an official capacity,” the Lin Wood Whistleblower known as Ryan White said.” “It’s an awards ceremony or promotion ceremony. And many times he can’t wait, is the problem. It’s not like he’s just over there doing that. Those children have been promised to him for his role in the securities positions for their family members, for their parents.”

“So, he can’t control himself because he’s anticipating his payoff. So, that’s why you see these sniffing videos, things like that. Some of them are just him being a disgusting pervert.”

“The other ones, these are payments that he’s going to get soon, that night, because he had come through on his. Obama would make all kinds of deals, promote people to this or that, but he always had to get — his percentage is 10 percent. He had to get something to keep him quiet.”

“There’s just unbelievable amounts of child porn online, and the DOJ has terabytes of it, but anything confiscated, anything used, was formatted for him for easy use by Shaun Bridges, and it would just — it would play.”

“You could just click one thing. ‘Cause he wasn’t very computer suave. He could just click play and it would just play you through everything that was on there due to the format, ’cause many of the things were different types of files — phone and camcorder, this or that computer, and he would put them on there for him and separate pictures and video as one click. Then you could go through. And that’s one of the jobs that Bridges had.”

“They would be supplied to him, then he would go off to Delaware and he would — that’s how they kept him happy and quiet and kept him out of Obama’s hair. He never spent any time in D.C. at night. He’d always go up to Delaware.”

“As far as Delaware, there is a judge, Emmet Sullivan, Emmet G. Sullivan. He owns — or he did own — I think he’s sold a couple now — but he was the one who owned the homes in Lewes, Delaware. He owned three or four homes — they were all the same, small, single-family homes with a double-car garage with a door — and these were the homes that Biden used to be supplied with children.”

Click here for The Whistleblower articles

Here is a sampling of some of the now famous hair sniffing president.


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  1. I search Lin Wood on DuckDuckGo & found the 191 page interview with Ryan. I downloaded it. Also the reason he was interviewing him.
    This will take an act of God to bring all this to the public. Decent people could not imagine any of this.

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  2. Any psychologist in the crowd? He’s taking action always from behind. I say always it’s not always but for the most part. One can start to imagine what the psychological reasoning is but it would be nice to have someone interject that has experience and describe to us what we are seeing

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