150 Missing Children Found in Tennessee and Mainstream Media Practically Ignores

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reported 150 missing children from Tennessee have been recovered during a months-long collaborative effort between state and federal agencies. So far, no national or regional news outlets are reporting (or small mentions) it.

The TBI, along with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services and the U.S. Marshals Service, revealed the information during a joint news briefing Wednesday, detailing “Operation Volunteer Strong.”

Shelly Smitherman, the TBI’s Assistant Special Agent in Charge said planning for the operation began in fall 2020 and the agency’s intelligence analysts compiled files for 240 missing children across the state.

During two-week blitzes in each of Tennessee’s three regions, Smitherson said 150 of the 240 missing children were recovered. She said they range in age from three to 17-years-old.

In the Middle Tennessee region, which includes Nashville, the TBI reported 72 missing children were identified and 42 of them were recovered. Law enforcement identified one of the children as a potential human trafficking victim, resulting in an ongoing TBI investigation, the agency said.

“We can’t give up. We need the public, the media, and all law enforcement to not give up,” Denny King, U.S. Marshal for the Middle District of Tennessee said. “If you see something, or know something, say something. We cannot give up and stop searching for our most vulnerable and those who cannot help themselves.”

Commissioner Jennifer Nichols with Tennessee’s Department of Children’s Services added 93 of the children recovered were DCS children, most of which were girls.


  1. I couldn’t read all of it. But what I read is scary enough. I’ll read it bit by bit as I have time. The Media is just evil and how they can not raise the alarm to this and still keep straight faces is beyond me! Thank you so much for posting this and making it public, Jack and Dodie! You two are inspirations to so many of us!

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