Trump Outlines Republicans Highest Priority

Donald J. Trump outlined the highest priority agenda item Republicans must fight for going forward during his CPAC address Sunday night.

It is critical they work together to ensure election integrity is maximized. In summary, here are his action steps:

1) We need just one Election Day.

2) Absentee ballots must ONLY be for those with legitimate and legal reasons: serving overseas in the military, sicknews, etc.

3) Eliminate mail-in voting.

4) We must have VOTER ID.

5) We need universal signature matching.

6) There must be a chain of custody protections for every ballot.

6 thoughts on “Trump Outlines Republicans Highest Priority

  1. Speaking of plans. Here is nice recap of Biden’s first 30 days. It is out of Australia. Hard to get news in the USA .). Not covered is 30% increase in gas price first 30 days. Who is getting the money 🙂

    We need to get a better understanding on who wrote or directed executive orders. We need some unmasking and truth telling. None of this is Biden !

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  2. Here’s a great speech by my home state governor Kristi Noem from this wkend

    Two things conjure up.

    1.follow the money. There was a tremendous transfer of wealth from middle class to our elite class. Does anybody know these numbers?

    2 Our constitution and declaration of independence were written for the people or the middle class to protect us from the government and the elite class.

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  3. One more “follow the money” discussion.

    The transfer of wealth through the stimulus checks and the printing of money. This act may have a much larger impact than the Tierney of the lockdowns

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  4. How did Q Anon, Trump & Biden miss this? There All working together to usher in the NWO ZUCKERBERG SAID IN A FB MEETING THAT JAB CHANGES DNA Zuckerberg Said in a FB Meeting That JAB Changes DNA
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