Oil, Gas, Energy, Green Deal Liberal Style

This past weekend someone told me this would never happen under Biden. She spoke too soon…

What is sad, is Biden forced this America to lose his job by stealing an election so he could sign America Last Executive Orders.

Trump proved socialist Obama wrong in so many ways and didn’t need a magic wand.

3 thoughts on “Oil, Gas, Energy, Green Deal Liberal Style

  1. Sidenote. Have you ever contemplated why Harris was picked as a vice presidential candidate.? I guess this was Obama’s pic.

    I’m going to go on a limb and say that it would not surprise me that Obama needed Harris as the vice president because she would be president at some point during Biden’s term.

    The reason he needed this was to dilute the eventual discovery that Obama was not a US citizen. When this fact discovered in history it will be diluted as Harris also is not qualified to hold presidential office based on her citizenry.

    Obama is very childish and immature


    1. Actually, Alexis Soros picked her. Pelosi had been grooming her awhile for something big. Nancy would have her come with her to the big dark money donors conferences to speak and hussle. In a nutshell, she sold her soul to the New World Order. Her husband was associated with many of them. Even the father and son Carl & Rob Reiners would attend those conferences. I’ve written about some of this before (maybe in the ‘Will Trump Be The Last American President series). Biden was an easy choice knowing he was easily controlled & compromised.


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