Dishonest and Dangerous Adam Schiff Has Judicial Watch Lawsuit Filed Against Him

Adam Schiff, arguably one of the most dangerous and dishonest men in politics, did it again. Just as in the last failed impeachment attempt in 2020, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman used the same corrupt tactics in February 2021 against President Trump’s lawyers and associates.

To make matters worse, Schiff is in Joe Biden’s National Security Council.

Fitton. Schiff.

“Adam Schiff secretly subpoenaed, without court authorization, the phone records of Rudy Giuliani and then published the phone records of innocent Americans, including President Trump’s lawyers, a member of Congress, and a journalist,” Tom Fitton, the president Judicial Watch revealed on Instagram.

“And now a federal court ruled today that Schiff, or any member of Congress can’t be held accountable for this unprecedented and potentially criminal abuse of power,” he commented. Every American should be concerned about a ruling that suggests Congress has unlimited power to take and publish their private phone records!”

Judicial Watch, a watchdog over corrupt politics and court rulings, indicated their legal team appealed the ruling and are now litigating the issue in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

One thought on “Dishonest and Dangerous Adam Schiff Has Judicial Watch Lawsuit Filed Against Him

  1. That pencil-necked, bug-eyed sucker! If he’s publishing people’s phone records, you’ve got to wonder what he’ll do next. People are already being doxxed- home addresses and all. I’m so glad Judicial Watch is suing his butt! I just hope it sticks!

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