Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt Signs Executive Order Against Biden’s Pipeline Order

Governor Kevin Stitt signed an executive order last week to protect Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry from a Washington power grab.


Executive Order 2021-03 highlights Oklahoma’s role as a global leader in energy production as well as the state’s successful “all of the above” strategy that has reduced carbon dioxide emissions to levels below the national average while producing the most affordable energy in the United States.

The order also criticizes the Biden Administration’s attack on energy producing states like Oklahoma, specifically citing the federal overreach and dismissal of Oklahoma’s constitutional ability to properly determine how to best develop its own natural resources.

“Energy production is the backbone of Oklahoma’s economy,” said Gov. Stitt. “My executive order sends a clear message to the Biden Administration that threatening to destroy Oklahoma jobs and our constitutional ability to develop our oil and gas is unacceptable. We will not be passive in responding to systematic attacks on Oklahoma values.”

Will this OK statue be taken down too?

Members of the House and Senate issued statements of support for the Governor’s order.

“Despite calls for unity and bipartisanship, President Biden’s first actions in office have shown to be anything but that. He’s simply rehashing the same, tired anti-oil and anti-gas rhetoric peddled by progressive liberals for years.”

Oklahoma and its energy industry has been a leader in helping achieve American energy independence. We need to protect the men and women of the energy industry who have worked so hard to help our country achieve those gains.”

In Oklahoma, the oil and gas industry in particular provides hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs and greatly adds to the local and state economy. President Biden’s actions threaten those jobs and our local and state economies. I appreciate Governor Stitt’s action to stand up for Oklahoma and I am proud to work with him to protect our energy industry.” – Sen. Zack Taylor, R-Seminole, Senate Energy Committee Vice Chair

From the moment he was sworn in, President Biden has made it clear that his goal is not to ‘unify,’ but to push a Left-leaning agenda that will have catastrophic consequences for Oklahomans.”

The work of our citizens in the energy sector is felt across the world, and federal overreach in the form of presidential executive orders puts at risk the livelihood of thousands in Oklahoma depending on this vital economic industry. I stand with Governor Stitt, and thousands of hardworking Oklahomans, in strongly condemning President Biden’s job-killing executive order.” – Rep. Brad Boles, R-Marlow, House Energy & Natural Resources Committee Chair

“The Tenth Amendment limits the scope of federal power and prescribes that the federal government was created by the states specifically to be an agent of the states. It is well within the purview of each individual state to secure it’s citizens’ unalienable rights.” – Rep. Jay Steagall, R-Yukon, House States Rights Committee Chair

The State Chamber of Oklahoma and the Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma also issued statements of support.

“As America transitions into a new energy future, Oklahoma’s long history and expertise in energy production will remain a key part of the national economy and our way of life. Governor Stitt’s “all of the above” strategy has fortified Oklahoma as a leader in many methods of energy development.”

It would be unwise and improper to take specific and drastic actions against the oil and natural gas industry and destroy the jobs of so many hardworking Oklahomans, and we thank Gov. Stitt for defending our people. The skills and expertise of Oklahoma’s energy industry will be critical as more technologies join the mix powering our nation.” – Chad Warmington, State Chamber of Oklahoma President & CEO

The oil and natural gas industry is the bedrock of Oklahoma’s economy. Efforts from Washington, D.C., to stymie and suppress the ability of Oklahoma companies to explore for, produce, transport and refine oil and natural gas resources here and across the nation only undermines our state’s economic recovery.”

The Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma applauds the efforts of Gov. Kevin Stitt to ensure our great industry continues to produce the affordable, reliable energy our friends and neighbors need to power their lives.” – Brook A. Simmons, Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma President

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  1. This is great news. I am one that sold land for the pipe line. Not that I wanted to do this but I thought myself a hypocrite if I opposed petroleum on land but turned a blind eye to Round Up in our land/water.

    South Dakota introduced bill that would require all EO to be passed through Congress or subject to the SD state to not enforce the EO

    States must stand up and protect the people !!!

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  2. Yes… I love that people are taking a stand, speaking out, that not all of our representatives are detached morons, and that people are finally SEEING just what kind of BULL the Left is really pushing. It’s absurd, and I’m glad the states are not allowing themselves to be railroaded. I hope the truth keeps coming out!


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