Nine Nursing Home Residents Die 10 Days After First Pfizer mRNA COVID Shots

Nine nursing home residents in Spain have died 10 days after receiving the experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID injections, and nearly every other resident tested positive for COVID following the injections.

According to The Sun in the United Kingdom:

NINE care home residents have died after a horrific Covid outbreak – just 10 days after having the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

The tragic outbreak at the El Salvador care home in Lagartera, Spain, left all but one of the 78 residents infected.

The facility’s residents and staff members were injected with the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on January 13.

Six days later, 10 residents started showing symptoms of the virus.

After conducting PCR tests, they found that all but one of their 78 residents had been infected with Covid-19 which led to the nine deaths, reports local media.

The Sun
Original article from The Sun

After these losses of life, the facility’s General Director Sergio Mella had the second doses given as scheduled on Feb. 3. Mella told radio station COPE, “The sooner everyone receives their vaccine, the better.”

“I do not think it was because of the vaccine – that is to save lives and not to infect residents,” Mella said.

“Maybe some of the people who were going to vaccinate were asymptomatic and have brought it,” he guessed. “Or maybe one of the workers was positive and coincided that they were infected on a date similar to that of the vaccine, but not that it is the vaccine far from it.”

“This has to be one of the clearest examples of a religious-like statement of faith, as opposed to a scientific approach to the problem, that I have seen recorded in the corporate media so far regarding the massive amounts of deaths occurring with seniors in assisted living centers after receiving the experimental mRNA COVID injections,” observed one independent journalist.

“Starting with the religious belief that vaccines can never cause harm, which flies in the face of science and the actual facts, the administration then looks at every other possibility besides the injections to explain the deaths and outbreak,” she said.


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