Liberal Celebrities That Patriots Boycott (K-P)



Steve Kerr

Jimmy Kimmel

Stephen King

Mindy Kaling

Michael Keaton

Garrison Keillor

Alicia Keys

Heidi Klum

Tina Knowles

Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher

Paul Krugman


Jessica Lange

Cyndi Lauper

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Blake Lively

Lucy Liu

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lawrence

John Legend

Don Lemon

Eva Longoria

George Lopez

George Lucas



Tobey Maguire

Seth MacFarlane


Bill Maher

Chris Matthews

Alyssa Milano

Michael Moore

Seth Meyers

Ricky Martin

Dave Matthews

Marilyn Manson

John McEnroe

Aaron McGruder

John Mellencamp

Debra Messing

Lorne Michaels

Bette Midler

Demi Moore

Julianne Moore

Eddie Murphy



Rosie O’Donnell


Gwyneth Paltrow

Sarah Jessica Parker

Rosie Perez

Ron Perlman

Chris Pine


Amy Poehler

Jaime Pressley

Sean Penn

Katy Perry

Tyler Perry

Brad Pitt

Gregg Popovich

Natalie Portman


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“The Association of Mature American Citizens represents Americans 50 plus.  AMAC is centered on American values, freedom of the individual, free speech, and exercise of religion, equality of opportunity, sanctity of life, rule of law, and love of family, with benefits at all levels.  AMAC plays a vital role in helping build the services that will enrich the lives of America’s seniors. AMAC Action, a 501 (C)(4) advocates for issues important to AMAC’s membership on Capitol Hill and locally through  grassroots activism.”

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  1. Nice list. There are a few surprises, but I don’t watch their movies. Decades ago, I discovered Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion on NPR. His homespun Minnesota humor was right up my alley. I eventually stopped listening because he became so liberal and tended to talk down to people who didn’t buy into his schtick. He became a nasty old man masquerading as the local jovial Grandpa of Lake Wobegon.

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