President Trump’s Tweets Are Now On Gab

Gab, a fairly new social media site successfully backed up President Donald J. Trump’s Twitter account before it was deleted and censored.

All of the President’s tweets have been recreated and can be found here:

President Trump’s Gab account: https://gab.com/realdonaldtrump

Should Trump decide to use it, Gab CEO Andrew Torba has ensured the 45th President of the United States would be welcomed to their site.

Since the Big Tech purging, banning and censoring of American’s posts on their sites, Gab technicians worked furiously on saving Trump’s tweets in order to save history.

Gab has experienced over 700 percent in traffic just like Parler did.

While Parler’s CEO had to move his family to an undisclosed secure location because of threats, they will battle the Big Tech giants in court to restore their site.

Gab has also been fighting attacks from Big Tech.

Gab is currently upgrading servers to handle the large inundation of over 38 million people in traffic since Facebook began purging conservatives and Christians from its platform.


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