Messages From D.C. For January 6, 2021

Various messages and pics from friends, Patriots and leaders.

Boerne, Texas Patriots in flight.
Donald Trump Jr. welcomes Patriots.

7 thoughts on “Messages From D.C. For January 6, 2021

  1. Leaving ballots in drop boxes preparing for the late night rort. Screw social distancing side by side watch the workers and the internet connections. All eyes on the mutts

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      1. Departed Home for the 1 hour 45 minute trip to the Capitol at 0545. Traffic through SA and New Braunfels was smooth and slowed down a bit due to construction of I35. Traffic through San Marcos was fast and stayed that way util the Austin suburbs. Arrived at the Capitol at 0745.

        Easy to find parking on Colorado Street next to the Capitol grounds. The first issue I see is going to be finding a latrine. Being old sucks. Several commercial buildings around, so will recon to find a latrine.

        0830, a few more Trump supporters gathered around the US Flag on the back of my truck. All of us are unsure of if the event is organized. We discussed the current situation and made our own predictions of what will happen under a Biden Administration. All are pessimistic. One predicted a Trump victory in 2024 and said that would go a long way to resolving the issues. I did not make a prediction but did express my opinions of possibilities ranging from nothing all away up to Civil War.

        At about 0900, it started raining hard and we retreated to our vehicles, at this time, all the parking spots on Colorado Street are occupied. Also, I am now regretting that I didn’t go find that latrine.

        The rain slacked off a bit around 0930. A few people came out of their vehicles and looked toward the South Capitol Steps, where demonstrations normally gather (according to one of the State Troopers). Nothing going on up there. I am off to look for a latrine.

        Found Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea shop about two blocks away. Nice place, clean restroom and great coffee and bagels!

        1000 Walked up to the Capitol South Steps. Maybe 10 people there, but more arriving.

        1030 Probably a hundred people walking around, some engaged in political discussions. No event organizers apparent. Talked with a few, who like me, came to find some organization.

        1045. Maybe 125 people, all looking for direction.

        1100 I couldn’t stand it anymore. May 150 folks wearing Trump or USA paraphernalia milling around. I walked to the top of the Great Walkway and asked for their attention. Said that since there was no organization, we should self-organize. Asked them to form a line if they wanted to tell their story, and we all would listen. Got consensus and so I started.

        old my story, fears, points where there was conflict that prevented us conservatives from getting ahead. Asked for us to organize better and find the right leaders to take us forward and take the country back. Talked about the uphill fight against the “Educators”. Thanked them and asked for the next person to step up. Barring a couple “radicals”, it went very well.

        However, I am extremely disappointed that there is no real leadership at this event. Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Chairman Allen West should have been here. Some representative of the RPT should have been here. Why is it that we have no leadership here, Texas?

        I got interviewed by a FT Worth Telegram reporter after my talk, which I guess she did not hear much of. Gave an overly long interview as the poor girl did not know how to stop me. I also asked her to try to return honor the profession of journalism.

        1145 A group of somebody provided a loudspeaker hooked by Bluetooth into President Trumps address from DC. The crowd divided amongst those listening to the soapbox speeches and Mr. Trump’s address. Bad connections on the Bluetooth caused many issues, so some interest waned.

        About 1230, a group of people gathered down the Great Walkway by the street, outside the Capitola grounds with US, Trump and Texas flags waving on poles. Many trucks and cars passed that intersection with flags mounted, they honked, and the crowd cheered as they passed by. I counted 75 people at the location. Got some pictures.

        1300. Walked back to my truck and laid out the ice chests with water on ice. Heh… the Norther blew into town, so not many takers. Snacking on my box lunch in the drizzle.

        1315. More people leaving than coming. I’m giving out free water to anyone I can. My phone battery died. Should have brought the power packs. Still several trucks passing by with US and Texas flags. I’ve seen two flags with the letter Q prominent, I assume they are QANON, which I know little about. Need to find out more about them and see if they are … powerful?

        1400. More cars and trucks driving around with a plethora of flags. Lots of honking and cheering. Does not appear to be much organized activity on the South Steps. Such a shame. There was a chance here. Who is that leader that we need? where is that man or woman who has the charisma, the education, and more importantly, the will to lead us? We are looking for you!

        Several people stopped by and thanked me for my starting the soapbox routine. Also thanked me for my military service. I thanked them for their support.

        1430. OK, six hours is enough for me, about to pack up and head home.

        Took a video of the Trump Supporters at the Intersection outside the Capitol Grounds, waving at traffic! Here is a screenshot.

        Listened to the radio on the way home to the news of what was happening at the National Capitol. Trump supporters rushed the Capitol Building and overwhelmed the outside police cordon, entered the building and forced their way into the halls, causing the US House of Representatives to stop their certification process of the state electors. Heard that one person was shot (Have since seen the videos, and since I used to be a security consultant, I’m petty sure I know how it went down. That woman was among a group of folks pushing the limits. Showing the depth of our rage. And that security officer, whether Capitol Police, Secret Service, whoever… h knew that he was responsible for protecting a certain security line and the crowd was threatening that line. Deadly force was probably justified, but that woman just became the first martyr of our cause. I pray for her family. I pray for that security officer. And I pray for our country.

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