How to Prepare For Civil Unrest and Riots Near You

The current political climate could likely bring some of the most treacherous and dangerous events in our history. I received several inquiries about surviving and preparing for worst case scenarios.

In some ways, it is similar to preparing for natural disasters. If you are concerned about potential unrest and riots in your area, you should plan for your loved ones protection.

I would be especially concerned if I lived in a Democratic controlled city (where police departments have been ostracized and defunded).

Worse case scenarios could be civil war type actions, with losses of power and communication.

Too many reliable sources are warning “be ready for total internet and news manipulation, or no communication at all,” “do not trust mainstream media,” and “how will you keep warm in winter if utilities and energy is not available?”

If rioters choose to move into the suburbs of conservative areas, it’s a high probability they’ll be met with return fire in some capacity. But just as certain will be the rioters ability to harm infrastructure: electricity, cable lines, loot grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, malls—anything to wreak havoc and stoke fear.

I’ve gathered information from various Patriots, “Preppers,” and Survivalists and summarized how one could be prepared in the event of civil unrest.

1.) Every Day Carry

No matter where you are, there are certain things that you should keep with you at all times.  Most people in the prepper community call these “Every Day Carry” or EDC for short.  There is a litany of items that are both necessary and helpful to have on your person or within arms reach.  If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s worth looking up.

2.) A Prepared Vehicle

No matter whether you are home or you are out, you need a prepared vehicle.  We have a full tank of gas and I had tires checked out by Discount Tire today. I also have extra oil and fluids available.

Keep a checklist in your home and on your phone, so you know which things you should be taking with you and checking to see if they need to be replenished.

3.) Bug Out Bag

Every member of your family should have a backpack designated ONLY as a Bug Out Bag.  We keep ours readily available.

Click to see my Bug Out Bag list.

We have extra clothes bags ready and swap the contents out twice a year with season/weather appropriate clothing.  Besides two changes of clothing, each of us has a stocked toiletry bag, first aid kit and a poncho.  We also have miscellaneous items such as lights, batteries, crank up-solar powered radio, glow sticks, clothes line, etc.

Keep your medical supplies and prescription medicines topped off at all times.  Don’t be down to your last 2 pills of prescription medicine at anytime.  I have built up my stash of prescription medicines for a least an extra month.

4.) Food and Water

We don’t carry food in our Bug Out Bags, but we keep a shorter tote with 72 hours worth of food. If we need to ever leave quickly, it is easily grabbed.  We also keep bottled water that we can easily grab.

5.) Protection

Whether your protection takes the form of Mace or a gun or a knife, you NEED a way to protect yourself and your family.  Know what the laws are in your area.  They can even vary within each state, so make sure you check.

What If You Can’t Get Out?  

What if a riot comes to you and you can’t get out?

6.) You can start by fortifying your home now.

This is worth more self research, but my quick list is a barking dog, a television on when you’re away, a closed circuit TV, minimal shrubbery for enemy/burglar hiding, motion detector lights, a solid front door with dead bolts, and closing your blinds. Our premises has a gate and chained lock to encourage potential intruders to go elsewhere.

3 thoughts on “How to Prepare For Civil Unrest and Riots Near You

  1. After last night in Georgia, this post is more relevant than ever. The Republican party has left conservative America behind. We have no one to represent us in Washington, only thieves in it for their own gain. McConnell should be removed from office as should dozens of others. Our Republic is lost and may never return. Georgia, who cares about that dump. Vacation elsewhere, or better yet, move and leave the state to BLM and Stacy Abrams.

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