Ultimate Takedown: Side by Side Comparisons Shows Why People Are Witless to Read/Watch Fake Media

When Drew Holden and Brady Leonard agreed that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was their pick for Man of the Year for 2020, it was primarily due to the governor’s response to the China Virus pandemic.

Just as they do with President Donald J. Trump and most conservatives, the media has initiated endless attacks against DeSantis.

To add context, Holden tweeted these side by side comparisons of coverage, once again proving:

1. Mainstream Media is Fake News.

2. Media has become a propaganda arm of communist socialism (Did you know that the New York Times and others couldn’t exist if it were not for being underwritten by the Chinese Communist Party?).

3. Any human who uses mainstream media as their news source is likely witless, naive, or stupid.

These thread posts started on Dec. 30, 2020.

Hopefully, if you are guilty of tuning in to CNN as your source for “news,” you have enough sense now to realize you’ve been conned. Read on, if you’re still convinced mainstream media is truthful.

Your tax dollars actually subsidize NPR and if you are really uninformed please note your donations to them support propaganda.


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  1. Hello and thank you for your hard and honest work from Switzerland where I fled socialist and perverted France.
    Away from the french speaking main stream media France, Switzerland, Belgium) and their lies about America and Trump, I was looking for honest journalists.
    It was hard but I found your blog with some other medias.
    I hope He’ll won’t abandon us to these CCP fraudes.
    I hope liberty will prevail with honesty in America to light the world, and not obscurity from the swamp.
    This last one is worldwide.
    I fled the french swamp and found a swiss one.
    Each time I said something or fought again them in my own little world (universities, hospitals, professional unions and dentistry) it was a clash.
    And they still don’t understand why I’m still opposing them.
    Claiming the truth as you do is really difficult when the majority of the people around you are just listening the mainstream merdias (french neologism from sh.t -merde- and news – medias- ).
    I with some friends have the same problem. We are labelled complotists.
    The last resorts in France is still the army, mainly unpolluted by the swamp.
    For Switzerland I still don’t have the answer.
    So once again thank you and God bless America.

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    • Thank you so very much for your insight about France and Switzerland. I appreciate your kind comments, sentiments and readership.

      I do understand about the clashes as I have experienced persecutions from swamp journalists and others. It does not matter because I will continue to light this evil with truth.

      Switzerland is a beautiful country. It remains one of my favorite destinations ever. I spent 15 days based in Montruex, with side excursions to Zermatt, and day trips to Italy, France.

      It’s been years and I have often wondered how it may have changed politically.

      I have great sources of information, but it has become challenging since the Obama days of electronic surveillance and tracking of journalists. There are still many good and trustworthy writers, but corporate media controls so much. Thankfully the non-manipulated seekers of truth are turning them off by the millions and relying on formats like CleverJourneys. Thank you.

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  2. Way back in 1990, a journalism professor told me she originally believed that journalism was about presenting a well-written, unbiased view of a given situation (just the facts) to others. Not so! Once employed as a journalist, she found out that she was expected to alter everything she wrote to fit the political ideology of the newspaper owners. Didn’t take long before she quit that job and went to a different news organization, where she unfortunately encountered a similar biased attitude. Totally disheartened and disillusioned, She left that job also and became a teacher of journalism instead.
    Her message to her students was this:
    “Learn to be a good journalist and do not compromise! If that means never working for anyone else but yourself, so be it. Do not sell your soul for money, it is not worth it.”

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