Chief Justice John Roberts Scorned Over Rejection and Neglectful Actions

Why is SCOTUS Chief Justice keeping his head in the sand?

The purpose of the Supreme Court is not to make decisions based on the potential of civil unrest or riot outlook.

Riots and terrorism are handled by law enforcement. Regardless of politics, fair and good judges are blindfolded to outside influences and are to base their decisions on law.

Chief Justice John Roberts could likely go down in history as one of the most unAmerican judges ever based on his inactions and bias regarding the 2020 Election.


  1. Roberts is a national disgrace. I have always honored and respected the Supreme Court, but now, not so much. The constitution is in jeopardy, and this one man, along with the other liberal garbage in black robes, will succeed in undermining and destroying our Republic. Our founders must be looking for a way to get down here and fix this mess. Better yet, let’s pull a card from the leftist playbook and DOX his ass. That way, thousands can take pitchforks and torches and visit his home.

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  2. Remember Obamacare ? Roberts said the voters should decide it at the ballot box. Well we did, just to find massive theft, vote & voter corruption stole this election. Texas lawsuit wit 21 other states advance to the supreme court, so what response from Roberts ? He cowards out again ! The man is filthy & corrupt, as are many others in that cesspool they call D.C. Stay strong patriots ! Get ready & stay ready !

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