Biden Is Toast, Media In a Jam

The tide is turning. Push has come to shove. Backed into a corner by fraud and deceit, millions of patriotic Americans are now engaging in unwavering offense, forcing communist liberals and their socialist leaders into the reality of a failing defense.

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona and Georgia were forced by public demand to hold hearings regarding the obvious election fraud and ballot tampering in the 2020 General Election.

Physical and scientific evidence, supported by sworn testimony from witnesses and whistleblowers at these hearings has forced a tsunami-like backlash across the nation against traitors to the U.S. Constitution and electoral integrity.

The evidence is so compelling, media propaganda machines are overreaching. They are burning themselves to the point that Biden is toast, China butters him up and media is in a jam.

They’ve turned into a Saturday Night Live parody. True journalism is dead in American newsrooms. Most “reporters” have morphed into swindling coagulations of deceit…and the jelly is rotting.

Major news outlets have refused to broadcast these hearings. The reporting has been deliberate betrayal of truth. Americans have noticed and are turning away by the millions.

Liberal media outlets like the New York Times now rely on Communist China underwriting to survive. Fox News depends on Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson to prop them up after their election night coverage debacle. Their continuing biased news slant has practically destroyed their viewership base.

Citizens have found alternative avenues to communicate. Without dependable news coverage, fraud hearings were livestreamed to millions.

Tweets, now censored against conservatives, have caused a migration of free speech advocates toward “parleys” on Parler. MeWe is growing daily as citizens experience censorship on other apps.

In the Georgia hearing, cyber-security expert Russ Ramsland revealed in his testimony that Biden allegedly outperformed President Trump by about 5% across the country where Dominion Voting Systems were used.

He said that in Georgia, the Dominion Voting System’s sudden in the middle of the night “boost” added up to around 123,000 votes.

As of Friday, Dec. 4, 2020, 12,000 votes separate President Trump and Biden in Georgia. The testimony laid out live on the internet and in front of the State House and Senate was stunning. The election corruption proof was so compelling, Gov. Brian Kemp finally acknowledged there should be signature verification on ballots.

A woman testifying on Wednesday said that from observing the video footage, she was convinced that the ballots were suspect. In the time they were being loaded, the number would exceed the lead that Biden has over Trump and could turn the election.

US Mail.

One witness testified that in the State Farm Arena where the counting room was located, ballot supervisors told workers that a “broken pipe” was causing them to suddenly “shut down the building” and they would have to leave. It was actually just a”leaking toilet.”

Election supervision told poll workers to stop counting and go home. The room was cleared at 10:30pm and everyone left.

Video footage shown at the hearing confirmed that poll workers were told to stop counting and leave, while four people remained behind to continue counting ballots in private. The time coincides with the magic boosts for Biden.

Considerably damaging to Biden was the video clearly showing suitcases filled with ballots being pulled from under a table AFTER supervisors told the poll workers to leave the room because of the leak. The four people who stayed behind to keep counting votes were all Democrats.

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