President Trump pardons ‘Corn,’ America’s National Thanksgiving Turkey

Tuesday afternoon, President Donald J. Trump continued a time-honored White House tradition by pardoning this year’s National Thanksgiving Turkey in the Rose Garden.
🎬 WATCH: President Trump pardons the National Thanksgiving Turkey!
After a close vote, Americans chose “Corn,” a 42 lb. bird from Iowa, as this year’s honoree. “Cob,” the runner-up and first alternate, will join Corn for a well-deserved retirement at Iowa State University following today’s festivities.

“The first turkey to dodge the White House dinner table received unofficial clemency when President Abraham Lincoln’s son, Tad, begged his father to spare his new friend,” President Trump said. Beginning with President George H. W. Bush, the National Thanksgiving Turkey now receives a formal pardon each year.
“On behalf of the entire Trump family, I want to wish every American a healthy and very happy Thanksgiving,” President Trump said.
“Every American can be united in thanksgiving to God for the incredible gifts He has bestowed upon us—the blessings of family, community, and this exceptional, beautiful, and great country.”


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Great pictures. My Thanksgiving message to my American friends is to be like a wild Turkey. I am sure you will be a bit puzzled by this message. I invite you to read the full article I wrote on this subject to understand my Thanksgiving Message – I also talked about this beautiful tradition of granting a pardon to a lucky Turkey started by President Lincoln in my article. Feel free to check it out!


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