United States Announces $2.5 Billion Ocean Plastics Initiative

Tonight, Ivanka Trump shined a spotlight on a newly announced “$2.5 billion Ocean Plastics Initiative to reduce plastic waste, about 150 million tons of plastic in the world’s oceans, and marine debris in oceans and waterways.”

The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) said Tuesday it aims to “catalyze $2.5 billion in infrastructure investments aimed at reducing the discharge of plastic waste and marine debris into oceans and waterways under its new Ocean Plastics Initiative.”

“The initiative seeks to catalyze private sector investment in projects that advance the development of efficient waste management, recycling, and other infrastructure projects in developing countries.”

“DFC’s Ocean Plastics Initiative seeks to catalyze private investment to address an urgent need to clean up and preserve our oceans and waterways,” said Chief Executive Officer Adam Boehler. “Our new initiative encourages investment in important waste management and recycling projects to support emerging economies, promoting economic growth and development.”

Currently, about 150 million tons of plastic are in the world’s oceans and it grows by 8 million tons each year, creating a challenge for the world’s environment and economies.  

A lack of capital for waste management infrastructure has been a major barrier to solutions for the problem, especially for developing countries. 

Capital is needed to support critical waste and recycling infrastructure that collects, aggregates, sorts, and manages waste.

The initiative will catalyze private sector investment in DFC-eligible emerging market countries by deploying DFC products such as equity financing, debt financing, political risk insurance, feasibility studies, and technical assistance.

Eligible projects include those related to waste management, waste removal, waste to energy, recycling, conversion, and the waste management or recycling value chain.

The initiative builds on their previous work to reduce ocean waste. Earlier this year, DFC provided a credit guaranty to impact investor Circulate Capital, which provides financing to small businesses working to prevent ocean plastic pollution. Tridi Oasis, a small business in Indonesia that recycles used plastic bottles into packaging materials and textiles, is the first investment supported under the guaranty.

DFC’s guaranty is helping Circulate Capital to mobilize $100 million in private investment to reduce plastic waste in oceans in Southeast Asia, and build value chains that convert waste into usable products while creating jobs.

To apply for financing under the initiative, please email oceanplastics@dfc.gov.

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